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MarkdownView screenshot


Markdown View for iOS.

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ATNavBarButton screenshot


A sub-class of UIBarButtonItem to insert custom buttons or indicatorView into your navigationBar with one line of code. - One line of code - One method to handle all button actions - Change to...

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ARCarMovement screenshot


This is navigation example on google map. Here Marker move as vehicles moves with turns as uber does in their app. Using old and new coordinates animating bearing value the markers are moving.

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OGCircularBar screenshot


Circular progress bar for macOS

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KJExpandableTableTree screenshot


Provides a tableview cells expansion (expanding cell area - subcells'), you can expand cells up to level ∞-1. Use Dynamic JSON Tree structure to initialise, or use static initialisers - Indexing/Sw...

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SegmentedProgressView screenshot


Simple Instagram-like segmented progress view with completion handler and different time interval for each segment

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AR-Pizza-Slicer screenshot


Let Augmented Reality help you to create a perfect sliced pizza in 5 different shapes!

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KOutlookCalanderDemo screenshot


A Control which can be used to access Outlook calendar events and also can add new events to Outlook Calendar. Fetching Events and Adding events is performing by code only. No UI is there. So, plea...

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SwiftyScrollingLabel screenshot


SwiftScrollingLabel is a subclass of UIView and it adds a label on it with scrolling marquee effect.

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SpreadsheetView screenshot


Full configurable spreadsheet view user interfaces for iOS applications. With this framework, you can easily create complex layouts like schedule, gantt chart or timetable as if you are using Excel.

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TLPhotoPicker screenshot


📷 multiple phassets picker for iOS lib. like a facebook

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JVDrawingBoard screenshot


a simple drawing board which can draw some interesting shape and edit、revoke.

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XYEasyCarousel screenshot


carousel use UICollectionView ... oh my god ! it also can do like this

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WRCalendarView screenshot


Calendar Day and Week View for iOS

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MultipleTimers screenshot


Multiple Timers is a custom view for iOS that enables circular progress animation with respect to given duration. Multiple Timers supports following features - Progress animation in clockwise...

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Funky screenshot


Funky is a functional utility library written in Objective-C. It provides a set of extension methods on NSArray, NSDictionary and NSSet for you to help dealing with common operations (usually in...

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PGTabBar-Swift screenshot


provide simple tab protocols and TabContianer. just implements protocols with your custom class with tabcontainer.

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YMCalendar screenshot


YMCalendar is a library of monthly event calendar for iOS written in Swift 3. YMCalendarView has flexibility for design and customization, easy to display day events.

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CustomTabBarYouTube screenshot


This project covers: 1) UICollectionViewFlowLayout with all the auto-layout constraints added programatically 2) How to build custom tab bar as seen in YouTube app 3) URL session integration to bu...

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TJProfileImage screenshot


Live rendering of componet’s properties in Interface Builder Features Dashed border Solid border Round corner Circle image

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AvatarImageView screenshot


Live rendering and expose the control’s properties in Interface Builder

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CoreDataSearch screenshot


This is a simple project which shows basics of Search on Core data . You can add, load, delete and make a search on the items added in a UICollectionView. Developed in Latest Swift 3 syntax.

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Toolbar screenshot


Awesome autolayout Toolbar

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NearBy screenshot


iOS app to find nearby places using MapKit

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CollectionViewSearchSwift screenshot


A simple project mainly focussing on Implementation of search in UICollectionView. Also lets you know about arranging UICollectionView Cells, their spacing, co-ordinates and arrangement based on di...

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