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JSKit screenshot


JSKit is a framework for iOS. Classes: * JSAnimationStep * JSCircularImageView * JSZoomableImageView * JSZipArchive Categories: * NSDate+String * NSObject+Associated * NSString+CharacterCount * UIColor+Colors * UIControl+Event * UIImage+BlurEffects * UIImage+Color * UIImage+SizeOfFit * UIView+Animation * UIView+Properties * UIView+Snapshot

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CFMagicEvents screenshot


This trick was initially created to make an app for my children (available on appStore for free : "Incredible" App - US/EN/FR version). This allows to use your back camera as a simple button. Technically, frames are captured from the back camera, and a simple algorithm is checking the fall of luminosity due to passage of your finger.

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NHCalendarActivity screenshot


NHCalendarActivity is an easy to use custom UIActivity (iOS 6+) that adds events and alarms to the iOS calendar.

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ESCObservable screenshot


An iOS eventing framework (alternative to using NSNotificationCenter or delegates for eventing). Includes an example HSB color picker app (as seen in screenshot) showing how to make use of the framework in application code and unit tests.

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MSCollectionViewCalendarLayout screenshot


MSCollectionViewCalendarLayout is a UICollectionViewLayout subclass for displaying chronological data. It divides its cells into columns of days, with the size of each cell corresponding to its length. MSCollectionViewCalendarLayout is very similar to the "Week" view in the Apple Calendar/iCal app.

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