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SecureMappingKit screenshot


May 24, 2014 • MIT License
Securize the mapping between your JSON and your model.
UINavigationControllerWithCompletionBlock screenshot


May 07, 2014 • MIT License
The UINavigationController missing api!
JMOTableViewDescription screenshot


April 09, 2014 • MIT License
JMOTableViewDescription is an Objective-C library for easily creating and manage complex structured tableView.
CalendarStyle screenshot


March 23, 2014 • MIT License
Calendar component for iOS apps
JMTimerBeam screenshot


February 25, 2014 • MIT License
JMTimerBeam enables you to show a decent beam on your OSX screen for visualising a timing event. The beam will be attached to the top, right, bottom or left side of your screen and decreases steadi...
iAppInfos screenshot


January 12, 2014 • MIT License
iAppInfos provides easy access to a ton of important app and device information. For example: * Mobile provisioning info * iOS version * Device model * Free disk space * Memory available ...
LanguagesManager screenshot


December 23, 2013 • MIT License
Easily provide manual control over the language of your app.
PermissiveResearch screenshot


November 30, 2013 • MIT License
An iOS search engine that allows mistakes in the searched element.
UIScrollView+ScrollIndicator screenshot


November 12, 2013 • MIT License
Customizable scroll indicator implemented as a category on UIScrollView.
JMMLocationEngine screenshot


October 03, 2013 • MIT License
A simple set of classes that allow you to quickly use iOS location services and get the four square venues for a location
JMNoise screenshot


July 21, 2011 • BSD License
A category on UIView to very easily apply a noise texture. Uses Core Graphics so that no external images or dependencies are needed.
JMSlider screenshot


July 10, 2011 • BSD License
A decorated and animated iOS slider control to extend the functionality of a single button by sliding it. Easily extensible and developed entirely using Core Graphics so that external images are n...
JMTabView screenshot


June 14, 2011 • BSD License
Dark-themed tab view rendered in Core Graphics (ie. no images need to be added to your project). Manages the layout of buttons and icons automatically. Tabs can be added simply by calling: [...
JMWhenTapped screenshot


May 30, 2011 • Unspecified License
Easily assign touch down, touch up, and tapped actions to UIViews using blocks.