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Toolbar screenshot


Awesome autolayout Toolbar

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Mentions screenshot


An easy way to add mentions and hashtags.

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RichTextEditor_Swift screenshot


This is simple rich text editor written in swift.

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AMGAutolayoutHelper screenshot


Autolayout extension for automatically adapt fonts on UI elements

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FormToolbar screenshot


Simple, movable and powerful toolbar for UITextField and UITextView. You can move prev/next form easily!

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SJTwitterTagInputTextView screenshot


SJTwitterTagTextView for text input with suggestion. It's like Twitter for getting @ and # tag as input and showing Suggestion for tags and mentions in an Table view which will automatically appear when the user will input @ and # tag.

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SBKMenuView screenshot


inspired menu view from Phonto app

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Notepad screenshot


A fully themeable markdown editor with live syntax highlighting.

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JDHashTagModule_inOC screenshot


Make UITextView can detect HashTag # automatically

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AttributedTextView screenshot


Easiest way to create an attributed UITextView with support for multiple links.

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SimpleCustomizableTextView screenshot


Simple customizable UITextView in Swift

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HighlightTextView screenshot


The HighlightTextView highlights, If more than the set limit.

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DTFont screenshot


DynamicTypeFont helper. Easy creation, custom font, auto update etc.

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ASJExpandableTextView screenshot


A UITextView with placeholder that can expand and contract according to its content

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AnimatedTextInput screenshot


Animated UITextField and UITextView replacement for iOS

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EmojiTextView screenshot


Tap to swap out words with emojis. Inspired by on iOS 10.

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Token Input View screenshot

Token Input View

The TokenInputView class implements the behavior for a scrollable, multiline text (Tokens) seperated by ','. The class supports the display of text using custom style information and also supports text editing. You typically use a TokenInputView to display multiple lines text, such as when displaying the body of a large list of emails adresses or list of user names. TokenInputView is a subclass of UITextView

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UITextField-Navigation screenshot


UITextField-Navigation adds next, previous and done buttons to the keyboard for your UITextFields and UITextViews. It allows you to specify a next field either on the Interface Builder or programmatically. Then, you can access next and previous fields of each UITextField/UITextView easily.

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CAPostEditorViewController screenshot


simple compose view controller with a lot of customizations properties

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JLStickerTextView screenshot


add text(multiple line support) to imageView, edit, rotate or resize them as you want, then render the text on image

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SMTKeyboardManager screenshot


Lightweight keyboard manager.

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