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UpvoteControl screenshot


UIControl that mimics the behavior of the up vote widget in sites like Product Hunt. Written in Swift

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SwishControl screenshot


Add sound effects to your UIControls

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AIFlatSwitch screenshot


A smooth, nice looking and IBDesignable animated flat switch component for iOS

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KWStepper screenshot


KWStepper is a stepper control written in Swift. Unlike UIStepper, KWStepper allows for a fully customized UI and provides optional delegate methods for tailoring the UX.

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DVSwitch screenshot


Customizable control based on UISwitch and UISegmentedControl written in Objective-C DVSwitch was inspired by UISwitch and UISegmentedControl. The goals of this code are: * Easily customizabl...

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NOCircleSelector screenshot


Circle shaped control to select given number of values. Highly customisable - all angles, number of dots, dots outlook (textLabels, colours, imageView), connection between dots etc. Can be used eg ...

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DDHTimerControl screenshot


A UIControl subclass to input minutes or seconds.

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SAStepperControl screenshot


UIStepper subclass that display's current value between Increment/decrement operators

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MRoundedButton screenshot


UIControl subclass like iOS 7 Phone app button

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AXRatingView screenshot


Star mark rating view with flat design for iOS7 It is useful for a review dialog. - Smooth rating (ex. 4.22 -> 4.23) - Step rating by 1.0 (ex. 3.00 -> 4.00) - Step rating by 0.5 (ex. 3.00 -> ...

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SAMultisectorControl screenshot


SAMultisectorControl allows you to create multiselect control with beautiful design and circular structure. It allows users to change values in an easy way.

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UITextView-UIControl screenshot


A UIControl-like API addition to UITextView

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RPVerticalStepper screenshot


A simple vertical stepper control for iOS that is similar in function to the UIStepper control.

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F3Stepper screenshot


"Flipping" value stepper, similar to the font size selection controls found in iWorks and elsewhere. Easily wired into existing applications using IB and normal control events. Features customi...

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LSTabs screenshot


LSTabs for iOS is a small collection of well-documented classes to create tinted buttons, compound buttons with a badge (tabs) or manage collections of tabs in horizontal or vertical layout

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M13Checkbox screenshot


A customizable checkbox for iOS that mimics the checkbox found on OS X, and Safari.

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EECircularMusicPlayerControl screenshot


EECircularMusicPlayerControl is a UI control to play a music and indicate its progress. It's easy to use in your project, and supports customization of the colors applied to the component parts.

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AMRatingControl screenshot


AMRatingControl is a UI control that resembles the 'star rating' control seen in the iPod app. AMRatingControl allows you to select a rating starting from 0 to any number of stars you want. Y...

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SDWellSegmentedControl screenshot


A drop-in remplacement for UISegmentedControl that mimic iOS 6 AppStore tab controls.

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ODRefreshControl screenshot


A pull down to refresh control like the one in Apple's iOS6 Mail App

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Rotating Wheel Control screenshot

Rotating Wheel Control

Companion project for the tutorial: "How To Create a Rotating Wheel Control with UIKit " published here

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TextStepperField screenshot


Stepper control with numeric textfield. Supports resizing and adapts to the shape of the screen. It is based on control stepperTest

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