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CTPanoramaView screenshot


CTPanoramaView is a library that displays spherical or cylindrical panoramas and 360 photos with touch or motion based controls.

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Image360 screenshot


Special view & controller to display 360° panoramic images

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MSCrop screenshot


A view which can be moved and scaled, that allows user to select the cropping area in an image.

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MetalScope screenshot


Metal-backed 360° panorama view for iOS

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LUExpandableTableView screenshot


A subclass of `UITableView` with expandable and collapsible sections

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Springback Control screenshot

Springback Control

A joystick-like control for quick/slow maneuvers

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SidePanel screenshot


Google styled side panel for iOS written in Swift

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expanding collection screenshot

expanding collection

ExpandingCollection is a card peek/pop controller build by

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RangeSlider screenshot


Simple, clean, and customizable range-based slider control for macOS

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SimpleSideMenu screenshot


Simple Side Sliding Menu written in Swift 3

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PANumberKeyboard screenshot


Customizable Decimal Number Keyboard based on keyboard ios extension

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SlidingPanel screenshot


SVSlidingPanel is a UIViewController container designed for presenting a center panel with revealable side panels - one to the left and one to the right. It supports iOS 7 or later.

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DistancePicker screenshot


DistancePicker is a custom UIKit control to select a distance with a pan gesture. It looks like a ruler with multiple distance marks and can be used to resize a map, set up a geofence or choose a search radius.

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ASJExpandableTextView screenshot


A UITextView with placeholder that can expand and contract according to its content

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AICustomViewControllerTransition screenshot


Easy and tidy way for creating custom UIViewController transitions for iOS

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VKExpandableButton screenshot


VKExpandableButton is a simple and easy-to-use expandable button written in Swift. You can put any String or UIImage inside it's content and customize it as you wish.

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SMButtonDropAnimation screenshot


Tap On button then next button will come with bounce animation.

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VPAccordionAnimation screenshot


Accordion Animation for UITableView cell expansion and collapsing

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EssentialTableView screenshot


A detailed project on UITableView which includes Parallax effects, Collapse/Expand UITableViewCell, 3D Touch on UITableViewCell

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inbox-replica screenshot


Recreated the expanding cells effect from `Inbox` by Google in Swift

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ISHPullUp screenshot


Vertical split view controller with pull up gesture as seen in the iOS 10 Maps app

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