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Instagram-Feed-View screenshot


It is a demo view to show feeds as shown in Instagram.All actions(Like,comment,share,follow,etc..) are managed by blocks.

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YZTagView screenshot


A simple tag view

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Catamaran screenshot


An easy way to get Social Newtworks authenticating by OAuth 2.0 on Objective-C via UIWebView

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UICircularProgressRing screenshot


A circular progress bar for iOS written in Swift 3

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ASJTagsView screenshot


Quickly create a view with tags with an option to delete

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InstaBars screenshot


InstaBars is a simple animation for iOS applications inspired by equaliser in instagram application

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HXTagsView screenshot


HXTagsView is a label that supports automatic layout tag. Features: - flow display label - Configuration label font size, color, border color, arc frame size, frame width, height, spacing, m...

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automatic-height-tagcells screenshot


This is a sample project to implement features with dynamic height of UITableViewCell based on autolayout, tags aligned automatically and clickable tags.

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UXMVolumeOverlay screenshot


A drop in replacement for the iOS volume overlay; Inspired by Instagram

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CHBadgeView screenshot


Instagram like notification badge

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RKTagsView screenshot


Highly customizable iOS tags view

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CloudTagView screenshot


A custom view to create cloud of tags.

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LBTagView screenshot


LBTagView is useful to add tag to image or other views. It is intelligent, you can drag where you want.It’s easy to use wit h simple API.You can set its colors and font what you like.

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UITags screenshot


UITags can be used if you have a list a you want to filter the based on some cateogies, or if you want the user to choose some of the options. It is very customizable

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TagListView screenshot


Simple Tag List View Container in Swift

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ABCAutoCompleteTextView screenshot


A subclass of UITextView to allow for autocompletion of hashtags and username mentions.

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OctagonTransitioning screenshot


A simple project which demonstrate similar type 3d cube animation - octagon. Octagon transitioning navigation animation between controllers in UINavigationController

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ANTagsView screenshot


This is the dynamic view to add and display hash tags in iOS Applicaitons.

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iOS-Build-Number-Overlay screenshot


Overlay version and build numbers in your release builds

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GNTickerButton screenshot


Inspired by the Layout app by Instagram, this is a UIButton subclass with a ticker that spins around as desired.

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PARTagPicker screenshot


This pod provides a view controller for choosing and creating tags in the style of wordpress or tumblr.

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JCTagListView screenshot


Support select tags and settings tags style.

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XLSlidingContainer screenshot


XLSlidingContainer is a custom container controller that embeds two independent view controllers allowing to easily maximize any of them using gestures.

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ResponsiveLabel screenshot


A UILabel subclass which detects given patterns specified by regular expression and makes them tappable. This also allows to replace the default ellipse of UILabel with tappable attributed string. ...

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JSQActivityKit screenshot


Swift UIActivities for iOS

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