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RMActionController screenshot


This is an iOS control for presenting any UIView in UIActionSheet/UIAlertController like manner.

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URBNAlert screenshot


URBNAlert is a customizable alert view based off of iOS's UIAlertController. UIAlertController was a great improvement over UIAlertView, but you still cannot apply custom fonts, colors, or other...

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LEAlertController screenshot


UIAlertController for both iOS 7 and 8

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ARAlertController screenshot


UIAlertController compatible iOS >= 5.0

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DAAlertController screenshot


DAAlertController provides a convenient block-based interface for configuration and presentation of UIAlertViews and UIActionSheets. If UIAlertContoller is available DAAlertController will just pas...

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SimpleAlert screenshot


Customizable simple Alert and simple ActionSheet for Swift

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MONPromptView screenshot


A custom simple prompt view. It consists only title and message labels, and a single dismiss button where the text color and font of the two labels and the button can be customized.

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MSAlertController screenshot


You can use AlertController in iOS7!! MSAlertController has same feature at UIAlertViewController. In addtion, customize font, font size and font color.

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STAlertView screenshot


A block-based wrapper for UIAlertView.

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FVCustomAlertView screenshot


Custom AlertView/HUD for iOS.

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CXCardView screenshot


Draggable cardView, using it to show more to users.

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RSPOPAlertView screenshot


Fullscreen pop-able and block-able alert view.

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SGActionView screenshot


Combination alert view, table, and share view.

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DoAlertView screenshot


A replacement for UIAlertView: block-based, customizable themes, and easy to use with image or map.

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NZAlertView screenshot


Simple and intuitive alert view. Similar to push notification effect.

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RFTapEditLabel screenshot


UILabel subclass with UIAlertView editing. Support for masked passwords and placeholders.

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SDCAlertView screenshot


SDCAlertView adds a contentView property to a pixel-for-pixel clone of UIAlertView

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LMAlertView screenshot


LMAlertView aims to be an end-to-end, customisable clone of UIAlertView for iOS 7. Identical frost/gaussian blur effect, colours, CALayer animations.

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DLAlertView screenshot


UIAlertView replacement that can embed custom content views, is fully themable and let's you use a delegate and/or blocks.

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PXAlertView screenshot


PXAlertView is a UIAlertView replacement similar to the style in iOS 7 but with a block based API and the ability to customise the styling and add custom views.

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CXAlertView screenshot


Custom alertView which allow you to add view as main content.

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