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ASCustomBannerView screenshot


This is a banner with similar style to the App Store. It has auto-slide to left every 10 seconds and manual-slide to both sides. It can be used quickly only by passing an array of images.

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FlipTheBlinds screenshot


FlipTheBlinds is an animation transition between view controllers that creates a venetian blinds domino effect. CHECK OUT THE DEMO:

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OpalImagePicker screenshot


Multiple Selection Image Picker for iOS written in Swift

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AAImagePicker screenshot


AAImagePicker is a simple & easy-to-use image picker designed to present both camera and photo library options and get the UIImage easily.

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Hero screenshot


Supercharged transition engine for iOS.

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Tamamushi screenshot


Tamamushi is an easy to use gradient UINavigationBar written in Swift 3. You can use already defined gradient color sets like Facebook Messenger, YouTube, SoundCloud or other cool gradient color se...

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AZTransitions screenshot


Make your modal transition with custom animation. AZTransitions helps you think about creativity, giving specific API methods.

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PickerController screenshot



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MLNavigationBarTransition screenshot


Advanced navigation bar transition based on official push-pop transition

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HYAlertController screenshot


A Simple And Minimalist iOS AlertController

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CDAlertView screenshot


Highly customizable alert/notification/success/error/alarm popup written in Swift 3

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KPRColorPicker screenshot


KPRColorPicker is a color picker library for iOS devices. It has been made for easy to interact and simple API to implement.

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HQPagerViewController screenshot


This control combines the great menu view with a UIPageviewController that takes care of showing the right page when clicking on the menu view and updating the selection when the UIPageviewControll...

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ARWhatsNew screenshot


A simple and light-weight What's New modal for new app updates. This neat tool allows you to simply present a modal to your users to tell them Whats New in your update!

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PPAssetsActionController screenshot


Highly customizable Action Sheet Controller with Assets Preview written in Swift 3

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PYSearch screenshot


🔍 An elegant search controller for iOS.

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WCSAlertController screenshot


UIAlertController example with a few extra parameters and completion block.

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JNAPushPopCompletionBlock screenshot


Completion block for UINavigationController "push" and "pop" view controllers

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CMLazyScrollViewController screenshot


Lazy ScrollView with support for infinite scroll (using a paging system with UIViewControllers and not UIViews)

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MRArticleViewController screenshot


Easily create UIViewControllers for news articles similar to those in the News app, with an optional auto-coloring feature from a palette extracted from the image.

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LMSideBarController screenshot


LMSideBarController is a simple side bar controller inspired by Tappy and Simon Hoang.

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DTPhotoViewerController screenshot


DTPhotoViewerController is a Facebook like photo viewer that is very easy to use. Using DTPhotoViewerController, you can customise the controller's behaviour however you want, as well as its layout.

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AMLoginSignup screenshot


Login/Signup ViewController for iOS

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SwiftyPickerPopover screenshot


Popover with Picker which can be chosen from several types, appears on iPhone or iPad. Swift 3, iOS9+. UIPopoverController free. You can choose picker type from String, Multiple String, Date, and ...

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RSCustomTabbarController screenshot


This is super flexible Custom tab bar controller implementation. You have the complete opportunity to customise according to your necessity.

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