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Kitsunebi screenshot


Overlay alpha channel video animation player view using OpenGLES.

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UPCarouselFlowLayout screenshot


UPCarouselFlowLayout is a fancy carousel flow layout for UICollectionView. It comes with a paginated effect and it shrinks and makes transparent the side items.

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ScaledVisibleCellsCollectionView screenshot


ScaledVisibleCellsCollectionView is check visible cells position. And setting cell's scale and alpha. [Github here](

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SSAlphaPass screenshot


Pass on touch events to the UIView \ UIButton underneath your current view if your pixel alpha channel is 0 (if the pixel is transparent) Useful if you don't want to catch all touch events on UIViews \ UIButtons with a non squareish appearance.

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DSTransparentNavigationBar screenshot


UINavigationBar with transparency.

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Alpha Channel Remover screenshot

Alpha Channel Remover

Mac OS X Application which allow users to remove alpha (transparency) from images. You can remove alpha channel of multiple files within seconds.

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RGBColorSlider screenshot


A simple way to add dynamic RGB color sliders to an iOS application. When the value of one slider changes, the background colors of the others change accordingly. For a full description, check out the README on github.

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Kontaminate screenshot


A virus game for iOS with two artificial intelligence types and depth (min-max | alpha-beta). Made for iPhone 5 / iOS 6, fully working in iOS 7.

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XDKAirMenu screenshot


XDKAirMenu provides an iOS menu like the FIFA app playing with scale and alpha. It is compatible for iPhone/iPad, works for portrait and landscape modes and is highly customisable.

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