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April 19, 2017 • MIT License
Easy Map Annotation Clustering
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July 14, 2016 • MIT License
A PDF viewer and annotator that can be embedded in iOS applications
HACClusterMapViewController screenshot


August 26, 2015 • MIT License
HACClusterMapViewController class is written in Objective-C and facilitates the use of maps when they have many pins that show.
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February 24, 2015 • MIT License
MKMapView with clustering. Forked and improved ADClusterMapView
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April 30, 2014 • MIT License
Moving annotations for iOS MapView
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November 05, 2012 • BSD License
ADClusterMapView is a drop-in subclass of MKMapView that displays and animate clusters of annotations. This is very useful in cases where you have to display many annotations on the map.