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RRApolloRxAPI screenshot


GraphQL (Apollo) API Request by RxSwift

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RRAlamofireRxAPI screenshot


Alamofire API Request by RxSwift

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redmin - prototype with Reddit data screenshot

redmin - prototype with Reddit data

A super lightweight reddit client for iOS

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AudiomackSwiftWrapper screenshot


A wrapper library for Audiomack's API on iOS built in Swift

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JAPinView screenshot


Repository provides the swift source for JAPinView, which is used to handle UI component of OTP or pin view.

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KAPinField screenshot


Lightweight pin code field library for iOS, written in Swift. This library also plays well with the all new iOS 12 one time password autofill.

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Currency converter - Rates Exchange Api screenshot

Currency converter - Rates Exchange Api

A fully functional currency converter for iOS written in Swift 4, based on Rates Exchange API. Documentation for api calls, with examples, is available at Rates Exchange API.(

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MediaPickersPresenterFramework screenshot


Handles fetching data from camera, documents, phone library

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SafeBrowsing screenshot


Protect your users against malware and phishing threats using Google Safe Browsing

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ImageDetect screenshot


Detect and crop faces, barcodes and texts in image. ImageDetect is a library developed on Swift. With ImageDetect you can easily detect and crop faces, texts or barcodes in your image with iOS 11 Vision api. It will automatically create new images containing each object found within a given image.

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GoogleStaticMapsKit screenshot


GoogleStaticMapsKit provides a full, lightweight swift API for dealing with Google Static Maps API.

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RxRetroSwift screenshot


A Reactive way inspired by the simplicity of Retrofit when creating REST API Calls.

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SwiftFlyer screenshot


An API wrapper for bitFlyer that supports all providing API for iOS, OSX.

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datamuse-swift screenshot


A datamuse api swift wrapper without dependencies

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SwiftInstagram screenshot


Swift Client for Instagram API

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GooglePlacesClone screenshot


This repository aims for a tutorial on how to use the Google Places API in conjunction with Google Maps iOS SDK

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Pyrobase screenshot


An iOS lightweight wrapper for Firebase REST API

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APImageTransactionEffect screenshot


Image Transaction Effect Controller

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SwiftyGiphy screenshot


A UI and API layer for Giphy discovery and integration.

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iOS-Webservice screenshot


Simple way to communicate with API server (web service calling architecture) through less code. Easy to implement web service request and response for API communication architecture, no more third party tool required. - NSURLSessionDataTask with NSBlockOperation - NSOperationQueue - Block structure for request and response handling - No any third party library - Reachability integrated for each web service request (observer) - Cookie handling for requests - Custom Header parameters for web service's request - Web service call stack maintain in Array to cache all request and response with parameters, -- you can change your desired limit to cache total request and response. JSON sample API is integrated in with this demo.

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YouTubeApiHelper screenshot


A simple wrapper for YouTube data API 3.0 support new Google Authentication method (Google/Sign-In).

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