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SimpleBDD screenshot


Simple library for tests in BDD style, written with Objective-C.

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DeckBrewWrapper screenshot


DeckBrew Wrapper is an wrapper for Deck Brew, a Magic the Gathering API. It consists of an API wrapper responsible for the network calls (DBAPIWrapper), requests classes (subclasses of the DBReq...

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Sleipnir screenshot


BDD-style framework in Swift

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BDDRScrollViewAdditions screenshot


UIScrollView category to center content, enable additional zoom gestures and add getters for animated properties.

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BDDROneFingerZoomGestureRecognizer screenshot


UIGestureRecognizer subclass to enable one-finger-zoom gestures.

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BDDynamicGridViewController screenshot


Data-aware view controller that displays a UIView list (typically, UIImageView list) in a row-dominated grid layout. This class automatically lay out the UIViews with help from a delegate class (wh...

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