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YYCalendar screenshot


Simple and Clear Calendar

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SSCalendarControl screenshot


SSCalendarControl is Small and beautiful calendar control written in swift 4.2.

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WRCalendarView screenshot


Calendar Day and Week View for iOS

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CalendarView screenshot


This is a calendar component for iOS written in Swift

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TKCalendarView screenshot


The page curl animation calendar. Inspired by 『君の名は。』

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DDCalendarView screenshot


a calendar view that looks like the ical day view while supporting Drag & Drop to modify events.<br/> On github there is a swift demo showing how easy it is, to combine it with EventKit to show the events there.

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GLCalendarView screenshot


A fully customizable calendar view acting as a date range picker

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CLWeeklyCalendarView screenshot


Weekly calendar view for iPhone, you can swipe to get more dates in the calendar. It is easy to use, and easy to be customised. You can customise the day of the week start. You can also tell the calendar to scroll to any date you want by just firing the simple delegate function, and all other animation will be handled by the control.

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CGCalendarView screenshot


A Lightweight Horizontal Calendar/Date Picker inspired by Square's TimesSquare

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RDVCalendarView screenshot


Highly customizable calendarView and calendarViewController for iOS * Supports iPad and iPhone * Supports landscape and portrait orientations * Fully localized using NSLocale * iOS 5.0+

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MNCalendarView screenshot


Highly customizable calendar component for iOS apps

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DSLCalendarView screenshot


Simple calendar view for iOS.

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