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RRTinderCardView screenshot


Tinder card like carousel to swipe left and right

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CapsuleView screenshot


An easy to use drop-in view to create a beautiful card style effect with a title placeholder and body content.

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AMCreditCardView screenshot


AMCreditCardView is a iOS library that allows developers to create the UI which replicates an actual Credit Card written in Swift

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TapCardView screenshot


UIView to detect a tap position. If you do customize, Tinder like card UI is a possible. TapCardView is to detect a tap position as left, right, bottom. And a flip animation is a possible.

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SCCardView screenshot


A view that changes the content by selecting a card. Content can be customized, but images are essential. You can change the card by clicking on it or by swiping up and down gestures.

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BSStackView screenshot


3D Stacked View control for iOS

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MMCardView screenshot


Custom CollectionView like Wallet App

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ISMessages screenshot


This is simple extension for presenting system-wide cardview notifications from top of device screen.

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MaterialCardView screenshot


Create material design cards quick and easy

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RGCardViewLayout screenshot


This is a UICollectionViewLayout that clones the interaction of going through the set of cities in the City Guide App. (this app is #3 for the top iOS app animations on the Ray Wenderlich website,...

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CXCardView screenshot


Draggable cardView, using it to show more to users.

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CardViewSample screenshot


Cards View Sample is simple app for creating cards and swipe them over each other.

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KSCardView screenshot


KSCardView is a robust, customizable, easy to use, subclass of UIView for iOS. KSCardView has built in features for supporting moving the view in the horizontal or vertical direction and performing...

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