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BSChart screenshot


BSChart is a simple and useful chart library written on Swift

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FAPaginationLayout screenshot


Collection view pagination layout.

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expandableCellScroll screenshot


This project shows how to develop expandable cells in a UITableView. Each cell in turn consists of a UIScrollView and a UIImageView background. Data is fetched via an API call. Developed in Latest Swift syntax with Auto-layout constraints enabled.

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2DUICollectionViewSwift screenshot


A simple and elegant 2Dimensional UICollectionView which is most commonly used in ecommerce apps, music streaming apps etc. Easily customisable as per your requirements as it is designed keeping the superset requirement in mind. Developed in latest Swift syntax.

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XPCollectionViewCellsSort screenshot


You can reorder a cell from one indexPath to another in collectionview

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FTFoldingTableView screenshot


FTFoldingTableView. Folding cells with simple delegates, and change UI looks in a few lines of code.

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automatic-height-tagcells screenshot


This is a sample project to implement features with dynamic height of UITableViewCell based on autolayout, tags aligned automatically and clickable tags.

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YBSlantedCollectionViewLayout screenshot


YBSlantedCollectionViewLayout is a subclass of UICollectionViewLayout allowing the display of slanted content on UICollectionView.

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PHExpendableCells screenshot


A Custom UITableview to expand the first cell on top. It can work vertically but also horizontally.

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EECellSwipeGestureRecognizer screenshot


Clean and easy way to implement swipe actions to UITableViewCell.

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StickyFlowLayout screenshot


Collection view layout for presenting overlapping cells. Previously was used in Corner App.

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ScaledVisibleCellsCollectionView screenshot


ScaledVisibleCellsCollectionView is check visible cells position. And setting cell's scale and alpha. [Github here](

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PickerCells screenshot


UIDatePicker or UIPickerView that will slide in/out by tapping on the cell in your UITableView

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DRCellSlideGestureRecognizer screenshot


Make your cells actionable through swipes

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Movies screenshot


Movies is a collection of a few UI/UX ideas that came up whilst developing an iOS app called Wattmo ( You'll find tableviews, details pages, collection views, cool loading animations and lots of utility classes as well. (I'll let you explore and dig out what you like/need) I thought it'd be nice to share some of these ideas. You guys have fun with it!

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HTKDynamicResizingCell screenshot


Subclassed UITableView/UICollectionView cells that will auto calculate their size so long as AutoLayout constraints are applied correctly. For iOS 7+. Works similar to how iOS 8's auto sizing of cells work. Fully working example and directions included for use.

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iOS8SelfSizingCells screenshot


This is instagram app feed tableView demo use iOS8 Self Sizing Cells.

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AMBTableViewController screenshot


Storyboard and Prototype Cells-centric block-based UITableView controller to manage complex layouts.

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VMTableViewArrayDataSource screenshot


A simple category to use static UITableViewCells without having to use storyboards.

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ABMExpandingTableViewCells screenshot


Expanding table view cell to reveal a toolbar cell under the selected row

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THSpringyCollectionView screenshot


A memory and CPU efficient implementation of a collection view with cells that bounce around like they do in the iOS 7 messages app. This is implemented by simply subclassing the UICollectionViewFlowLayout class and adding UIAttachmentBehaviours to the layout attributes. The implementation is based on the "Exploring Scroll Views on iOS 7" presentation from WWDC 2013, however it goes further by providing robust memory and CPU management by tiling the UIAttachmentBehaviours.

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