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NSVAnimatedTabBar screenshot


Fully customizable animated tab bar

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STTabbar screenshot


A subclass on UITabbar that provides allows you to customize a shape of UITabbar with raised center button.

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Easy to use double side center slider, that can show value in (A,B) Range.

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VKLocalNotifications screenshot


This project covers all the requried code to trigger UILocalNotifications. It can be helpful when you want to trigger a Push Notification when a user reaches a particular location. Does not need in...

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Notification-Center-Widget screenshot


A notification center widget with shared core data. Example project for sharing data between iOS app extension and container app through shared core data.

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Continuum screenshot


NotificationCenter based Lightweight UI / AnyObject binder.

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VPCollectionViewLayout screenshot


VPCollectionViewLayout is a helper class for displaying collection view cells in different flow layouts. The UI can be customized in different ways

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LNZCollectionLayouts screenshot


A collection of UICollectionViewLayout subclasses. Snap to center, infinite scrolling and carousel layouts made easy, and working out of the box.

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TinyConstraints screenshot


TinyConstraints is the syntactic sugar that makes Auto Layout sweeter for human use.

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NoticeObserveKit screenshot


NoticeObserveKit is type-safe NotificationCenter wrapper that associates notice type with info type.

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UURCCentralizedTokenView screenshot


Customizable Centralized TokenView

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Jukebox screenshot


Player for streaming local and remote audio files. Written in Swift.

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JSQNotificationObserverKit screenshot


Generic notifications and observers for iOS

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NgNotificationProxy screenshot


Small objective-c library for iOS/OSX that provides better way to work with notifications from NSNotificationCenter.

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LRNotificationObserver screenshot


A smarter, simpler and better way to use NSNotificationCenter with RAII

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SKMapsCenter screenshot


Maps (iOS, Swift) - maintain center while zooming. Developed due to not being able to maintain the center position of a given location while zooming. Scrolling while zooming can't be bypassed us...

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OTPageScrollView screenshot


OTPageScrollView cell in OTPageScrollView is selected always in center

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LNNotificationsUI screenshot


LNNotificationsUI is a framework for displaying notifications similar to Apple's iOS 7 and iOS 8 notifications. It is meant to complement the native look and feel, by providing a pixel-accurate (as...

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DTIToastCenter (Swift) screenshot

DTIToastCenter (Swift)

A toast center for displaying quick toast to the user. Written in swift.

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NSObject+CLFNotificationObserver screenshot


A category on NSObject for creating NSNotification observers that handle the weakSelf/strongSelf dance for you.

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GFTransparentView screenshot


A iOS 7 NotificationCenter like view that helps you visualizing background elements just putting for example a white object on its top!

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GameCenterManager screenshot


GameCenterManager helps to manage Game Center in iOS and Mac apps. Report and track high scores, achievements, and challenges for different players. GameCenterManager also takes care of the heavy l...

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UIImageView_FaceAwareFill screenshot


This category applies Aspect Fill content mode to an image and if faces are detected it centers them instead of centring the image just by its geometrical center. INSTALLATION: FaceAwareFill is...

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7blur screenshot


iOS 7 introduces a new efficient snapshot API. The 7blur project builds on these frameworks to produce Control Center and Notification Center like blur effects enforcing the 3rd design pattern of d...

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FB2StepButton screenshot


Inspired by the two-step clearing buttons that appear in the iOS Notification Center.

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