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MBCircularProgress screenshot


A very customizable progress circle indicator

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KATCircularProgressChart screenshot


Custom Circular Progress Chart library for iOS applications.

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BRCircularProgressBar screenshot


It shows circular progress for multi purpose like download, upload and timer progress.

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MaterialCircularProgress screenshot


Material like circular progress animation sample for iOS.

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SDWebImage+CircularProgressView screenshot


This is a category to SDWebImage that offer you to add ProgressView in three ways: + Circular (using DACircularProgress) + Linear + Custom Images are downloading by SDWebImage (3.7.0 and up)

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UICircularProgressRing screenshot


A circular progress bar for iOS written in Swift 3

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OMCircularProgress screenshot


Custom circular progress UIControl with steps, images, text and individual animations.

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RPCircularProgress screenshot


UIView subclass written in Swift to show circular progress.

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BIZCircularProgressView screenshot


BIZCircularProgressView is a subclass of UIView that adds round progress view with timer.

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Circular Progress Bar (MBCircularProgressBar) screenshot

Circular Progress Bar (MBCircularProgressBar)

A circular animatable & IB highly customizable progress bar

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GradientCircularProgress screenshot


Customizable progress indicator library in Swift

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GaugeKit screenshot


Easy reproduce Apple's style gauges.

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KDCircularProgress screenshot


A circular progress view with gradients written in Swift

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KYCircularProgress screenshot


Flexible progress bar written in Swift.

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BMYCircularProgressPullToRefresh screenshot


Pull to fresh with circular progress view as used in the Beamly iOS app. This version of the pull to refresh feature can be used both on UITableViews and UICollectionViews and it has been inspired by Sam Vermette's SVPullToRefresh. When dealing with a custom pull to refresh view, often the native UIRefreshControl is not ideal as it is not customizable. A common customization besides the pull to refresh, is to have a circular progress view with the logo of the app to show during the dragging.

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MRCircularProgressView screenshot


Custom circular UIView that allow set progress similar to AppStore control.

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UzysCircularProgressPullToRefresh screenshot


Give Pinterest Like PullToRefresh to any UIScrollView with just simple code UzysSlideMenu features: It's very simple to use. Support iOS7. Support only ARC Support CocoaPods. (to be)

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LLACircularProgressView screenshot


An iOS7 style circular progress view with a stop button. * Animated progress display * Stop button * Respects iOS7 interface tint color * Automatically dims the tint color when an alert view or an action sheet is presented * iOS6 an iOS7 compatible

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HKCircularProgressView screenshot


A simple discrete/continuous circular progress view with current/max properties, customizable appearance and animatable.

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FFCircularProgressView screenshot


FFCircularProgressView - An iOS 7-inspired blue circular progress view

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PICircularProgressView screenshot


PICircularProgressView is a subclass of UIView with circular UIProgressView properties and text in this circle representing the progress. It is based on TSPCircularProgressIndicator for OS X from thesynapseproject.

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