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Atom screenshot


The lightweight & delightful networking library.

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SwiftPlaygroundsCLI screenshot


Easily generate Swift Playgrounds from your command line 👨‍💻

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SwiftKit screenshot


SwiftKit enables you to easily generate cross platform Swift-Frameworks via your command line. It is the best way to start your next Open-Source Swift Framework.

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ClippingBezier screenshot


ClippingBezier calculates intersection points, paths, and shapes between two UIBezierPaths

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RxRetroSwift screenshot


A Reactive way inspired by the simplicity of Retrofit when creating REST API Calls.

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NetClient screenshot


Versatile HTTP networking library written in Swift 3.

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GooglePlacesClone screenshot


This repository aims for a tutorial on how to use the Google Places API in conjunction with Google Maps iOS SDK

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ScrollableDisclaimerAlertView screenshot


Simple lightweight DisclaimerAlertView.

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SRClimate screenshot


A simple style of weather forecasting project.

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HBRecorder screenshot


Record videos with pause/start feature and beautiful animations between video segments

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Overlook screenshot


A commandline app that will watch your folder and monitor any changes. When a change occurs, Overlook will execute (or restart) a command you specify. Overlook is platform independent and will work...

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GDUnixSocket screenshot


Unix domain sockets are designed specifically for local interprocess communication. GDUnixSocket framework is an Objective-C object-oriented wrapper around unix sockets which allows you to abstr...

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StaticLib screenshot


Swift Static library for application.

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A-ClickableLabel screenshot


A clickable label, you can set event when user tap on every characters or word. It also provides an easy way to define every characters style on the label.

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HTTInputDial screenshot


HTTInputDial is circular input dial for iPhone apps. It is good for having an easy to use iPod click wheel style interface. It is used in the Unplugged app.

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Baggage screenshot


Simplifying work with clipboard in iOS.

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Dunk - Dribbble client - screenshot

Dunk - Dribbble client -

Dunk is Dribbble client.

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LTTextView screenshot


Control to create text with interactive substrings. With ability customize it with NSAttributedString attributes.

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ClickWheel screenshot


Drop-In ClickWheel for iOS7+ written in Swift. ClickWheel basically consits of two buttons on top of each other. One is responsible for the dragging while the inner one only responds to clicks. ...

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IQHTTPService screenshot


HTTP Client for iOS Create Web API Client in simpler way.

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NLRMashapeClient screenshot


Built on top of AFNetworking, NLRMashapeClient provides a simple and easy way to calling the APIs you choose on Mashape.

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CCListView screenshot


CCListView is a highly customizable sequential view container.

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PhoneKit screenshot


Make VoIP phone calls in <10 lines of code! PhoneKit is an easy to use extension/wrapper of the Twilio Client iOS SDK for easily making/receiving VoIP calls from inside your iOS app. PhoneKit provi...

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RCLighting screenshot


Simple lighting (breathing light) effect appears in your view.

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KPCClipShadowsScrollView screenshot


A simple Cocoa NSScrollView subclass that allows to draw on its top and its bottom small shadow rectangles to provide a subtle and discrete fade effect, for a smoother visual transition.

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