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ToDoList screenshot


A simple ToDoList written in Swift 5. Supports syncing using CloudKit, Realm, Local notifications, WatchOS and iPad apps

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CodableCloudKit screenshot


CodableCloudKit allows you to easily save and retrieve Codable objects to iCloud Database (CloudKit)

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ILSCloudKitManager screenshot


ILSCloudKitManager is wrapper for managing apple's CloudKit operations like create, update, fetch and delete records.

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Seam screenshot


Seamless CloudKit Sync with CoreData

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PatronKit screenshot


A framework to add patronage to your apps.

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CKSRecordContext screenshot


Interaction with CloudKit Records done right !

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CKSIncrementalStore screenshot


CloudKit spreading awesomeness through CoreData. CKSIncrementalStore is a subclass of NSIncrementalStore which automatically maintains a SQLite local cache (using CoreData) of user’s private dat...

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CloudKit-Demo screenshot


You can simply and easily take a look at CloudKit features and API on Objective-C or Swift.

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EVCloudKitDao screenshot


EVCloudKitDao will let you use CloudKit as easy as possible by using reflection for parsing from and to CKRecord and generic methods for handling all actions. As a sample app there is a complete fu...

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