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iMultiExpandCollapse screenshot


iMultiExpandCollapse use for multilevel expand and collapse tableview

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ContentSheet screenshot


A simple control that enables presenting any view controller or navigation controller or any other object that can provide a view like an ActionSheet

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Expandable TableView screenshot

Expandable TableView

A simplest demonstration of expandable UITableView without using third party libs.

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Collapse View Expandable Layout screenshot

Collapse View Expandable Layout

Expandable Layout - Collapse View This is an iOS project that brings an expandable layout with animation.

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MMCollapsibleLabel screenshot


A highly customizable UILabel which is collapsible like an accordion with a Show / Hide button.

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EssentialTableView screenshot


A detailed project on UITableView which includes Parallax effects, Collapse/Expand UITableViewCell, 3D Touch on UITableViewCell

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ANWExpandScrollView screenshot


Expand and collapse a scroll view, animated with a pinch gesture.

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AccordionTableViewController screenshot


Swift version of

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SwiftyFORM - easy creation of inspectors screenshot

SwiftyFORM - easy creation of inspectors

SwiftyFORM is a form framework for iOS, written in Swift. Demo video that shows inline sliders and date pickers Features: - There are 13 form items that can be used in a form - Inline date pickers that can be expanded/collapsed - Align textfields across multiple rows - Form validation rule engine - Shows with red text where there are problems with validation - Scientific slider with pinch to zoom

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ALAccordion screenshot


ALAccordion is an accordion style container view for iOS that manages a set of expandable/collapsable content sections. When a section opens, it consumes the full screen.

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ODSAccordionView screenshot


Yet another accordion style container view.

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KMAccordionTableViewController screenshot


Accordion UITableViewController component based on Apples's example.

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EMAccordionTableViewController screenshot


EMAccordionTableViewController is a easy to use Expandable / Collapsable UITableView for iOS. Under the hood it works as a proxy for the UITableView and leaves to the delegate the responsability to implement tableView:cellForRowAtIndexPath and tableView:didSelectRowAtIndexPath. Update: Now it support the header view with parallax effect. I have used UIImage+ImageEffects from wwdc2013 to support the blur. * Built to be Universal * Uses ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) * Support iOS > 6.0 * Support rotation * Completely reusable component Help me improving this! How? Simply feel free to fork the project and improve it! If you would like to contact me: Twitter: [ennioma]( Email: [email protected]

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HVTableView screenshot


UITableView with expand/collapse feature (fully animatable) This is a subclass of **UITableView** with expand/collapse feature that may come so handy in many apps. The developer can save a lot of time using an expand/collapse tableView instead of creating a detail viewController for every cell. This means that the details of each cell can be displayed immediately on the same table without switching to another view. On the other hand, in my opinion it's far more impressive and eye-catching in compare to the traditional master details tableview.

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JKExpandTableView screenshot


Expandable Nested Table View for iOS JKExpandableNestedTableView is a subclass of UITableView that makes it easy to create a table view with expandable/collapsable rows. Recursive nesting is not supported. Compatibility: iOS 4.0+. Requires ARC. Key Features: - Multi-selectable sub-table. - Single-selectable sub-table. - Mixing multi-selectable and single-selectable sub-tables within a single JKExpandTableView. - Customizable background/foreground colors and fonts. - Optional icons.

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CollapseClick screenshot


This is basically a collapsible cell TableView with nifty animations and a fully customizable delegated system.

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KLExpandingSelect screenshot


A UI Control based on Summly's expanding sharing control. <p>This control is dual licensed:</p> <ul> <li><strong>- For Free,</strong> under the terms of the <a href = "">Apache 2.0 licence</li></br> <li><strong>- Commercial license,</strong> under the <a href="">Cocoa Controls commercial license agreement, v1</a> This option allows you to sell apps using the KLExpandingSelect.</li> </ul> <br>

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