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G8 Theme Manager screenshot

G8 Theme Manager

G8 allow to centralize themes and apply styles to your interface and your UIKit objects. Define uniform styles for all your labels, buttons and other views and apply them when you need.

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XDVerticalGradientColorSlider screenshot


XDVerticalGradientColorSlider is vertical gradient color slider, you can use it to pick up an UIColor as you want.

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JCGGColorSlider screenshot


Colorful NSSlider subclass

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Semantic Colors - Dark Mode Helper screenshot

Semantic Colors - Dark Mode Helper

View all of iOS 13's semantic colors—used for Dark Mode—in a table.

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Palette screenshot


Color palette generation from image written in Swift

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SheetyColors screenshot


The SheetyColors color picker removes the lack of a built-in iOS component.

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TextGradation screenshot


TextGradation 👍

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RMGradientView screenshot


Easily create gradient views with inspectable properties for colors and gradient direction

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FlatPressButton screenshot


Flat design clickable buttons. Concept taken from with code written in Swift4 syntax.

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Giotto screenshot


Theme manager for your app: apply styles to anything you want through a plist file

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Colorblinds screenshot


Colorblinds is an easy to use library so simulate color blindness in your app

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ZLColorSlider screenshot


Color Slider to choose a color in iOS.

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RainbowColors screenshot


Colorful programming in Swift.

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RGSColorSlider screenshot


A simple color slider for iOS.

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CSSColors screenshot


UIColor extension for rgb initializer and CSS Color names.

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Hue screenshot


Hue is the all-in-one coloring utility that you'll ever need.

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GMDColors screenshot


Easy to use Google Material Design Colors

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Palette-iOS screenshot


Like Android Palette for iOS. Written in Swift From any view (anything that inherits UIView) gets contrasting color (black or white) for specific point where is another view.

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Xcode Logger screenshot

Xcode Logger

Xcode Logger is a fast (up to *35x times faster than NSLog), very simple to use, flexible library which provides scheme-based, customizable and colorful (using the Xcode Colors plugin) NSLog replacements. *based on tests comparing NSLog vs XLog's No Header level, average operation time after 5 runs with 5000 iterations per test, per run on a MacBook Pro Retina.

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MaterialDesignColor / Google Material Design Colors for Swift screenshot

MaterialDesignColor / Google Material Design Colors for Swift

Color library for Swift. Currently supports GoogleMaterialDesignColor

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UIColor-ChineseTraditionalColors screenshot


A swift extension that extends UIColor with a list of Chinese traditional colors

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