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Forked version of DownPicker repo. A lightweight DropDownList / ComboBox for iOS, written in Objective-C,

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LMComboBox is a subclass of NSComboBox that provides an easy way to access the underlying NSTableViewDelegate, allowing you to make customizations to the drawing of the items in the NSComboBox.

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A lightweight DropDownList / ComboBox for iOS, written in Objective-C

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Tries to faithfully replicate the "select" tag you see on web pages in Safari. Also incorporates UIPickerView for you so you don't have to!

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ComboBox for UITableView screenshot

ComboBox for UITableView

This XCode project is intended to demonstrate the usage of custom UITableViewCells as kind of combo boxes (as known from [X]HTML) or dropdown boxes. The code used to provide this is just a rough prototype and in no way production-ready, but it can give you an idea of how you might realize this behaviour in your own iOS projects.

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