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JDMailBox screenshot


JDMailBox is basically a MFMailComposeViewController 📬 , but I think it will be more interesting with an animation.

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Vulcan screenshot


Multi image downloader with priority in Swift

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Compose screenshot


Compose is a library that helps you compose complex and dynamic views.

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CAPostEditorViewController screenshot


simple compose view controller with a lot of customizations properties

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ZLMailComposerViewController screenshot


A Customized Email Composer for iOS.

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KBComposeSocial screenshot


Custom iOS-style dialog boxes for posting to Facebook and Twitter designed to run on iOS 4.3 and above. The SDK can be configured to capture any of four different media types, including: (1) text only; (2) text and an image array; (3) text an a url array; and (4) text, an image array and a URL array. The software is designed to be used on ARC-enabled projects, requires linking with the QuartzCore framework and is supported on iOS7. The SDK does not actually forward information to Facebook or Twitter. For this, you must use the Social SDK of your choice. Rather, it simply provides controls you can use to capture data from your users.

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Push4Parse screenshot


The iPhone application "Push4Parse", available on the App Store.

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PHFComposeBarView screenshot


This is a precise reconstruction of the compose bar from the iOS, mimicking the behaviors and graphics while also allowing you to customize many aspects of it.

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WHMessageActivities screenshot


UIActivity is an awesome API for sharing content with built-in iOS services. It's really easy to share via email and text message with the built-in activities, but for one really fatal flaw: Apple's API doesn't allow for customizing content specific to the built-in activities. Take MFMailComposeViewController: incredibly useful, except that there's no API for setting the subject and adding attachments. Another example: The text you put on there for a Tweet might be different from the text you put into a text message. But there's no API to be able to specify special text for the text message. WHTextActivity and WHMailActivity are UIActivity subclasses that allow you to use these powerful controllers, but be able to customize their content.

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REComposeViewController screenshot


Replicates functionality of SLComposeViewController introduced in iOS 6.0. You can create composers for any social network out there. REComposeViewController doesn't provide logic for sharing, only its visual part.

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MKSocialShareTableViewCell screenshot


A fairly self contained table view cell that enables the iOS 6 social sharing feature and can be easily “dropped in” to any configuration or options view based on a table view. Includes (replaceable) icons for Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo.

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DEFacebookComposeViewController screenshot


DEFacebookComposeViewController is an iOS 4 compatible compose view controller for posting picture and message on user wall. Looks like the Facebook Sheet in iOS 6.

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TCTweetComposeViewController screenshot


TCTweetComposeViewController is a drop in replacement for TWTweetComposeViewController. It provides similar functionality but is modelled after the email composition view, which is aesthetically simpler and more appealing.

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DETweetComposeViewController screenshot


An iOS 4 compatible version of the TWTweetComposeView controller. Otherwise known as the Tweet Sheet.

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