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ARCoreData screenshot


The easist way to use core data! faster and convenient .

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JSQCoreDataKit (Swift) screenshot

JSQCoreDataKit (Swift)

A swifter Core Data stack

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RSTCoreDataKit screenshot


A simpler CoreData Stack

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AERecord screenshot


Super awesome Core Data wrapper for iOS written in Swift

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AlecrimCoreData screenshot


A simple Core Data wrapper library written in Swift. Features: - Simpler classes and methods to access and save Core Data managed objects - Main and background contexts support - Core Data SQLite store type support with automatic creation of the store file

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Groot screenshot


With Groot you can convert JSON dictionaries and arrays to and from Core Data managed object graphs.

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NTCoreData screenshot


NTCoreData is small library that helps perform saves and fetches asynchronously. Each save and fetch is done asynchronously. All heavy lifting regarding managing threads and context is done by NTDatabase class. This library was inspired by this article by Florian Kugler.

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ActiveRecord screenshot


A lightweight Active Record implementation for Core Data.

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Core Data + Sections screenshot

Core Data + Sections

Easy starting point for Core Data with automatic sections, based on the day of entry. Something like Facebook's timeline, something lots of people keep asking about on Stack Overflow. This is an extended version of Apple's Master-Detail Application template with Core Data.

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SDScaffoldKit screenshot


UIKit can be tedious and repeative to build simple CRUD interfaces. SDScaffoldKit is a simple library that provides Create, Read, Update, and Delete views/viewcontrollers out-of-the-box. Just create your Core Data model, hand it your Entity's name, a field to sort by, and BAM! You are ready to start creating and managing objects. SDScaffoldKit is named after Ruby on Rails's scaffolding. SDScaffoldingKit is meant to save you time so you can focus on what matters, application logic. The library is still a little green behind the ears and I would love to see any issues or pull request you may have. There is a sample project if you have any question on how it all works. Overall, this is a great way to get your project up and running then you can go from there.

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NLFetchedResultsTable screenshot


A small open-source class that helps you quickly create and configure a UITableViewController that is backed by an NSFetchedResultsController. This is code I use in a lot of my projects, and have extracted into its own class. The primary benefit of using an NLFetchedResultsTable is that it handles a lot of the NSFetchedResultsControllerDelegate and UITableViewDataSource methods for you.

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