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MDImageCroper screenshot


UIImage cropper using any kind of CGPathRef. here is a blog post about the code :

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LDProgressView screenshot


A flat or gradient progress view with a simple color setter and customizable options written in pure Core Graphics

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BCSliderView screenshot


Animatable Slider View for iOS

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JHSpeechBubble screenshot


A simple Core Graphics speech bubble

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BButton 3.0 screenshot

BButton 3.0

Twitter Bootstrap Buttons for iOS.

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FDGraphView screenshot


Draw graphs on iOS. Create an `FDGraphView`, set its `dataPoints` (an `NSArray` of `NSNumber`s), add it to another view and the graph will be magically show. As simple as that.

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YLProgressBar screenshot


Custom progress bar for iOS (iPhone, iPad) with an animated background. It is build using the Core Graphics framework.

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CKReflectionImage screenshot


Create a mirror image with Core Graphics with a basic configuration.

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