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CTKFlagPhoneNumber screenshot


A formatted phone number UITextField with country flag picker.

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CountryPickerView screenshot


A simple, customizable view for selecting countries in iOS apps.

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CountriesViewController screenshot


A view controller that allow user to select a countries, it supports in single or multiple mode

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NKVPhonePicker screenshot


An UITextField subclass to simplify country code's picking.

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ContactHelperSwift3 screenshot


ContactHelperSwift3 contains Fetch, Delete, Add and Update Contact Functionality

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Country Picker screenshot

Country Picker

Picker with Country Flags and phone number easy to .use

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TTCountryFlagLabel screenshot


Simple UILabel subclass that displays a country emoji flag instead of the provided 2 letter ISO_3166-1_alpha-2 NSString

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MICountryPicker screenshot


MICountryPicker is a country picker controller for iOS8+ with an option to search.

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SwiftCountryPicker  screenshot


CountryPicker in Swift that uses Emoji for flags.

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ADCurrencyPicker screenshot


ADCurrencyPicker is a reusable Currency picker.It allows you to select a country and get its country name,currency code, currency symbols. The control includes plist with 106 countries (all with currency conversion supported by yahoo currency conversion api).

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MRWorldMapView screenshot


UIView subclass that displays a world map with selectable countries. Its appearance can be customized through IBInspectable properties.

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BDVCountryNameAndCode screenshot


An easy and convenient way to get a suggest a mobile prefix for a user that's signing up, or just a simple way of accessing the country the user is likely to be in without asking for location services. The numbers provided are actually mobile prefix numbers, instead of weird ISO phone codes provided by the Apple classes.

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Country List screenshot

Country List

Provides a View Controller with Country List along with Calling Code and Country Code.

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GzCountryTableView screenshot


A UITableView preloaded with all App Store countries and flags. It allows you to pick a country from a list or via search.

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CountryPicker screenshot


CountryPicker is a custom UIPickerView subclass that provides an iOS control allowing a user to select a country from a list. It can optionally display a flag next to each country name, and the library includes a set of 249 high-quality, public domain flag images from FAMFAMFAM ( that have been painstakingly re-named by country code to work with the library.

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