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DDPerspectiveTransform screenshot


🔲 Warp image transformation. Select area and crop image with transformation.

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CropPickerView screenshot


Image Crop View

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CropPickerController screenshot


CropPickerController 👍

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YPImagePicker screenshot


📸 Instagram-like image, video picker with filters, crop and trimming for iOS

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FAImageCropper screenshot


Image Cropper like Instagram !

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MSCrop screenshot


A view which can be moved and scaled, that allows user to select the cropping area in an image.

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MFCameraManager screenshot


Manage camera session in a given UIView. Capture image with the given CGRect. Scan barcode and also capture the Image . Swift 4 supported.

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PKCCrop screenshot


You can crop image. You can choose various crops.

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Twitter_Post screenshot


Customizable Post Controller

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PhotoCropEditor screenshot


Framework written in Swift for Cropping Images easily

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NXDrawKit screenshot


NXDrawKit is a simple and easy but useful drawing kit for iPhone.

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MELDynamicCropView screenshot


MELDynamicCropView is an open-source UIView subclass that allows users to interact with multiple photo croppers (or just one cropper). Its image and cropper frames are flexible and support any size. Pinching, panning, and support for panorama photos is built in and the library's simplicity makes it a good foundation to build a more robust photo editor e.g. as seen in the Photos app.

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KACircleCropViewController screenshot


An extremely simple circular crop view controller created entirely in Swift, similar in style to the crop controller that Line uses.

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iImageEdittor  screenshot


Helps iOS developer to crop image of any shape (Square, Rect, Circle, Oval)

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ALCameraViewController screenshot


A camera view controller with custom image picker and image cropping. Written in Swift.

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Partita screenshot


Partita is a simple instrument tuner that determines the frequency and octave of audio input from your device's microphone.

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TuningFork screenshot


TuningFork is a simple utility for processing microphone input and interpreting pitch, frequency, amplitude, etc.

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MMCamScanner screenshot


Custom camera with square detection (OpenCV Framework), custom ripple view controller animation and crop feature with valid rectangle.

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TOCropViewController screenshot


TOCropViewController is an open-source UIViewController subclass built to allow users to perform basic manipulation on UIImage objects; specifically cropping and some basic rotations. It has been designed with the iOS 8 Photos app in mind, and as such, behaves in a way that should already feel familiar to most users.

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BABCropperView screenshot


A customizable image cropper view based on UIScrollView. Supports iOS 7.0+ - Crop size is fully configurable - Allows cropping of any part of the image - Fully customizable with sensible defaults - Works easily with or without Auto Layout - Uses memory efficient image crop which handles multiple image orientations This is a UIView subclass which allows a user to crop an image to a desired size.

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PhotoTweaks screenshot


PhotoTweaks is an interface to crop photos. It can let user drag, rotate, scale the image, and crop it. You will find it mimics the interaction in photo library on iOS 7.

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