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SimpleFlipView screenshot


ViewSwitcher container that helps to switch between two views with transition animation

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TKCalendarView screenshot


The page curl animation calendar. Inspired by 『君の名は。』

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CurledViews Category screenshot

CurledViews Category

This project contains 2 categories; UIButton+Curled and UIImageView+Curled. The categories allow you to easily add an image, border, curl, and shadow to your Button or ImageView.

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XBPageCurl screenshot


A page curl animation/transition for views in iOS that intends to mimic the behavior of the pages in apps like iBooks and GoogleMaps for iOS.

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PageCurl screenshot


This application makes use of the manipulation of multiple CALayers attached to a single UIView to "fake" a page curl/page flip effect for the iPad. It's the next best thing to iBooks until Apple r...

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