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KYDigitalFontView screenshot


KYDigitalFontView is a custom view that displays the character in the digital font style ・IBDesignable support

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URBNAlert screenshot


URBNAlert is a customizable alert view based off of iOS's UIAlertController. UIAlertController was a great improvement over UIAlertView, but you still cannot apply custom fonts, colors, or other...

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HMPopUp screenshot


This will provide you fully customisable pop up view with custom configuration. Don't forget to star, if you like it.

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ZoomTransition screenshot


An easy to use interactive zoom transition for presenting view controllers onto a navigation stack. This transition mimics the iOS 7 & 8 photos app. ZoomTransition supports pinch, rotate and pan...

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MSTabbedView screenshot


MSTabbedView is a control for populating any number of views inside a tabbed view. All you need to do is to pass the views to the MSTabbedView object.And many other customizable properties.

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TKDragView screenshot


An easy to use, flexible and universal solution for letting your users drag objects around the screen.

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