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SwiftyHolidayUtil screenshot


SwiftyHolidayUtil is a library for highlighting holidays.

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WeekdayPicker screenshot


WeekdayPicker is a custom UIDatePicker with weekdays.

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PeekAndPopExtension screenshot


This project covers how to use 3D Touch to implement peek and pop using Custom Presentation Controllers. It also shows how to add a Today Extension to the project. All written in Swift4 using MVC p...

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AZCalendar screenshot


AZCalendar is library for IOS that support georgian calendar , Persian calendar , hijri calendar (islamic calendar) , you can convert dates from each calendar to each others simply

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CalculateCalendarLogic screenshot


This library 'CalculateCalendarLogic' can judge a holiday in Japan. When you use this library, you can judge can judge a holiday in Japan very easily. A method which named 'judgeJapaneseHoliday' me...

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PGWeekDaySlider screenshot


PGWeekDaySlider is a simple and flexible iOS class for presenting any custom view as selection for week days with swipe control. It includes a variety of options for controlling how your slider app...

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DateTimePicker screenshot


A nicer iOS UI component for picking date and time

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JToday screenshot


This is an extremely brief notification center calendar plugin (Swift). App Store address :

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WeekdaysSegmentedControl screenshot


A Custom segmented control to select weekdays for iOS.

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Calendar Time Selector screenshot

Calendar Time Selector

An Android themed date-time selector. Select date and time with this highly customizable selector. WWCalendarTimeSelector is a component that will make help your users select date or dates intuitiv...

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HNKWordLookup screenshot


HNKWordLookup performs standard English-language dictionary queries, such as definitions, pronunciations, random words, and Word of the Day.

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Gulps screenshot


Gulps is an open source app for iOS and Apple Watch that lets you keep track of your daily water consumption. It's a great way to learn how to share data between an app and its extensions using Realm.

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DayDatePickerView screenshot


A custom and extensively customizable UIDatePicker which displays the day of week alongside the day of month component. Designed to solve the following problems:

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JTCalendar screenshot


A customizable calendar view for iOS.

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BirthdayPlaceholder screenshot


This is a UITextField shouldChangeCharactersInRange delegate implementation that keeps the placeholder text displayed as the user types

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RSDayFlow screenshot


A nice smooth infinite scrolling monthly calendar component called RSDayFlow. Some of the features of this calender component include a clean flat style that fits better with iOS 7 and iOS 8, and ...

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TMConsecutiveDayHelper screenshot


A pretty basic implementation to help keep track of a users streak of days where he/she has launched your app. The component uses NSUserDefaults to keep track of the dates. It also makes use of ...

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WeekViewDemo screenshot


A simple clone of the day ticker/week view functionality used in Fantastical, using UICollectionView.

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FFCalendar screenshot


Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily Calendars for iOS.

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CPKenburnsSlideshowView screenshot


Inspired by Hey Day. `pod 'CPKenburnsSlideshowView', '~> 1.0'`

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DateTools screenshot


Dates and times made easy in Objective-C

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MELiPadCalendar screenshot


Customizable iPad calendar for displaying tappable schedule data.

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MZDayPicker  screenshot


An iOS day picker to allow users to select date

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MSCollectionViewCalendarLayout screenshot


MSCollectionViewCalendarLayout is a UICollectionViewLayout subclass for displaying chronological data. It divides its cells into columns of days, with the size of each cell corresponding to its len...

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JBDaylightOverlay screenshot


An overlay for MapKit that shows daylight for the current date and time.

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