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LayoutInspector screenshot


To start layout debugging you can make screenshot on a real device or press "Inspect" on the bottom of the table in the demo app

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Bagel screenshot


a little native network debugging tool for iOS

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LLDebugTool - A convenient debugging tool screenshot

LLDebugTool - A convenient debugging tool

LLDebugTool is a debugging tool for developers and testers that can help you analyze and manipulate data in non-xcode situations.

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PBJDebuggingTools screenshot


Nice collection of some useful debugging tools.

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CocoaDebug screenshot


iOS Debugging Tool

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DBDebugToolkit screenshot


Set of easy to use debugging tools for iOS developers & QA engineers. After an easy setup simply shake your device to open a menu inside your application, providing such features as: performance statistics, list of requests send by your application, colorized view borders, slow animations, showing touches, list of available font families, autolayout trace, browsing files user defaults, keychain, core data and cookies, showing console, simulating location and more.

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Sniffer screenshot


Networking activity logger for Swift

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KeyCommands screenshot


Bind actions to combination of the keys in iOS and tvOS applications running in simulators.

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SKLogger screenshot


Flexible, pimped out NSLog replacement. Log multiple variables inline with no format specifier. Streamline your debugging experience!

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QorumLogs screenshot


Swift Logging Utility for Xcode & Google Docs

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JEToolkit screenshot


Time-saving utilities for iOS development

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VMDInstrumenter screenshot


A simple Objective-C singleton to instrument, trace, and suppress selectors at runtime. Sometimes you need to debug a 3rd party library but you don't have access to the source code, and sometimes you want to experiment with Apple frameworks.

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MTLog screenshot


An NSLog replacement for coders! Do things to your output console other logging libraries don't allow you to

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UALogger screenshot


UALogger is a simple and lightweight logging tool for iOS and Mac apps. It allows you to customize the log format, customize when to log to the console at runtime, and allows collection of the entire recent console log for your application. It includes the UALogger class and class methods, and a few handy macros.

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AksDeviceConsole screenshot


An on-device console for easy and quick debugging.

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DCIntrospect screenshot


Introspect is small set of tools for iOS that aid in debugging user interfaces built with UIKit. It's especially useful for UI layouts that are dynamically created or can change during runtime, or for tuning performance by finding non-opaque views or views that are re-drawing unnecessarily. It's designed for use in the iPhone simulator, but can also be used on a device.

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