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TinderUserProfile screenshot


Tinder/Bumble like user image with user details scroll animation

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ContentTableViewController screenshot


Super simple way to present content. A template table view that can take several kinds of objects and present them on-the-fly with one line of code. Customization of the view controller can be done...

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Movies screenshot


Movies is a collection of a few UI/UX ideas that came up whilst developing an iOS app called Wattmo ( You'll find tableviews, details pages, collection views, cool loading ani...

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TGFoursquareLocationDetail screenshot


iOS project recreating Foursquare design and behaviour when presenting location details Behaviour: When you scroll, image's shown area will become bigger. Like it appears on location detail pag...

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JGDetailScrubber screenshot


UISlider subclass with variable scrubbing speeds. Inspired by iOS Music app.

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RSTransitionEffect screenshot


Re-implement mayuur's [MJTransitionEffect]( and provide default data binding for UITableViewCell and detail view controller and solve the white screen p...

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ExtensiveCell screenshot


iOS TableViewCell component. Selected cell drops a detail view down.

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MasterDetailController  screenshot


A master detail controller that works like the facebook sliding menu/view You need to provide a master controller and detail controller. These controllers should subclass UIViewController and pr...

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