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Updates screenshot


📲Automatically detects app updates and gently prompts users to upgrade.

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TakeASelfie screenshot


An iOS framework that uses the front camera, detects your face and takes a selfie.

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ImageDetect screenshot


Detect and crop faces, barcodes and texts in image. ImageDetect is a library developed on Swift. With ImageDetect you can easily detect and crop faces, texts or barcodes in your image with iOS 11 Vision api. It will automatically create new images containing each object found within a given image.

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react-native-call-detection screenshot


This package helps to detect different call states like Incoming, Disconnected, Dialling and Connected for iOS. For android, this package will give the following states, Offhook, Incoming and Disconnected.

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Luminous screenshot


Luminous gives you all the system information you need!

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ScreenBrightness screenshot


ScreenBrightness allows you to monitor brightness of your device screen without a hassle.

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Face Aware screenshot

Face Aware

An extension that gives UIImageView the ability to focus on faces within an image.

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iDevicesInformation screenshot


A Light Weight and Updated Code for Device Detection and many other functionality written in swift 2.0

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MYLinkInteraction screenshot


A drop-in replacement for UITextView link interaction actions

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Marching Ants screenshot

Marching Ants

Example of adding animated marching ants selection to the edges of the image.

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Knock Detector  screenshot

Knock Detector

A simple detector for physical knocks, tuned for the Z-axis of iPhone 5s and 6 devices

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InceptionTouch screenshot


Who needs 3DTouch when you can have InceptionTouch

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ARDetector screenshot


CIDetector, AVCaptureVideoDataOutput and AVCaptureMetadataOutput categories. With face, rectangle, QR Code, the future text CIDetector and blocks for AVCaptureOutput handling.

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MMCamScanner screenshot


Custom camera with square detection (OpenCV Framework), custom ripple view controller animation and crop feature with valid rectangle.

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EVFaceTracker screenshot


Calculate the distance and angle of your device with regards to your face. This can be used to simulate a 3D effect

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CLFaceDetectionImagePicker screenshot


Live Face detection ImagePicker for iPad IOS7/8 Supported. Very easy-to-use and can be easily customised. Purely written in obejct-c, no OPENCV at all! It will trigger the camera u defined (front or back), and detect the people's face in the camera. If people's face is detected, it will take photo and return the photo data back. I wrote this control for a commercial project which has been used millions of times per day all around the world. So it is very reliable.

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DSFacialGestureDetector screenshot


CIDetector with streaming video pod 'DSFacialGestureDetector' or import all the files under the Detector directory to your project.

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SDiPhoneVersion screenshot


Objective-C library for detecting running device model and screen size. With the newer  devices, developers have more work to do. This library simplifies their job by allowing them to get information about the running device and easily target the ones they want.

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SOMotionDetector screenshot


Simple library to detect motion type (walking, running, automotive)

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KVNBoundedImageView screenshot


KVNBoundedImageView attempts to keep faces visible and centered in a UIImageView. It is designed to be easy to use and extensible for different types of image detection. With configurable detection speed, operation queues, caching, and utilizing the optimized image rendering of UIImageView (no custom drawing here), KVNBoundedImageView aims to be as fast as possible, without blocking the main thread when heavy lifting is needed. Simple image loading via a URL is also available.

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ASCScreenBrightnessDetector screenshot


ASCScreenBrightnessDetector lets you easily detect screen brightness changes and provides some useful delegate methods.

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