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JHSpinner screenshot


A unique animated loading spinner / activity indicator UIView subclass for iOS

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GSIndeterminateProgressBar screenshot


iOS control that acts like indeterminate progress bar

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JGProgressView screenshot


JGProgressView is a UIProgressView subclass with an animated, OS X inspired 'Indeterminate' setting. JGProgressView is fully customizable: The animation speed and animation direction can be adjusted at any time. For better performance when using multiple JGProgressViews with equal bounds, animation direction and UIProgressViewStyle, the images used for the indeterminate animation can be shared between instances of JGProgressView by setting the "useSharedImages" property to YES. An example scenario where you'd want to use shared images is when using a JGProgressView in a custom UITableViewCell. JGProgressView is used in several Jailbreak Apps: ProTube, Bridge, ProTube Extension for YouTube.

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Circular Progress Indicator screenshot

Circular Progress Indicator

Just a custom (determinate) Circular Progress Indicator

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TYIndeterminateProgressBar screenshot


An Oink-like indeterminate progress bar.

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SSPieProgressView screenshot


Pie chart style progress bar similar to the one in Xcode's status bar.

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