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February 05, 2022 • MIT License
Extension of Diffable API which allow not duplicate code and use less models. Included example for new SideBar.
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December 06, 2020 • MIT License
ColorKit is your companion to work with colors on iOS. It offers a wide variety of useful features to do more with colors: - Dominant colors calculation - Average color calculation - Color comp...
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April 28, 2020 • Public Domain License
VSCollectionKit is a library for building applications views/screens in a consistent and understandable way, with advantages like composition, independent and testing. VSCollectionView a handy f...
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ALLKit - Async List Layout Kit

May 21, 2019 • MIT License
A declarative data-driven framework for rapid development of smooth UI.
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February 12, 2019 • Apache 2.0 License
🚴 A declarative library for building component-based user interfaces in UITableView and UICollectionView.
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August 17, 2018 • MIT License
A fast and flexible O(n) difference algorithm framework for Swift collection.
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August 31, 2017 • BSD License
A MVVM data-oriented framework for accelerating, simplifying and ensuring UICollectionView building.
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August 14, 2017 • MIT License
💾 🗄 Data-driven CollectionView Framework. (Can adapt ASCollectionNode)
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May 18, 2017 • BSD License
A data-driven UICollectionView framework for building fast and flexible lists.
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August 19, 2016 • BSD License
Swift μ-framework for efficient array diffs, observation and data-source implementation.
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February 03, 2015 • MIT License
Are you guilty of calling `reloadData` on your collection or table view because calculating your data source mutations is too hard? Doppelganger is here to help! Just give it old and new data sourc...
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November 29, 2012 • MIT License
An image control that lets you compare 'before' and 'after' images side by side.
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March 09, 2012 • MIT License
An NSDate category to have humanly meaningful time intervals since todays date.