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KeyboardAvoider screenshot


The missing interactive keyboard in SwiftUI for iOS

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PanSlip screenshot


Use PanGesture to dismiss view on UIViewController and UIView

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TransitionController screenshot


You can dismiss transition and present transition between UIViewController, UINavigationController, UITabBarController, UICollectionViewController, and UITableViewController. Receives a delegate for the willPresent, didPresent, willDismiss and didDismiss of the ViewController. 😁 🙌 🎉

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DragToDismiss-PanGesture screenshot


Simulate Wechat's disappeared gesture animation by dragging when the big picture viewing or video playback . Gestures are separated and can be used in any view

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Dismissable screenshot


⚡️Dismissable is super convenient to dismiss with gesture!

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MMPullSwipeDismiss screenshot


Facebook Like Swipe and Pull Dismiss Viewcontroller

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ContentSheet screenshot


A simple control that enables presenting any view controller or navigation controller or any other object that can provide a view like an ActionSheet

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PullToDismiss screenshot


Dismiss ViewController by pull scroll view or navigation bar in Swift.

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CustomSegue screenshot


Custom segue for OSX Storyboards with slide and cross fade effects using NSViewControllerTransitionOptions

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RDRGrowingTextView screenshot


Auto Layout backed growing UITextView

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NgKeyboardTracker screenshot


Objective-C library for tracking keyboard in iOS apps. An article describing the usage:

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SKKeyboardResigner screenshot


With SKKeyboardResigner you can forget about resigning the keyboard by yourself by adding a big button inside a view or doing some 'ñapas' like that. This library takes care of resigning the keyboard for the view you want without doing nothing.

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YZKeyboardInputAccessoryView screenshot


A drop-in input accessory view that adds a dismiss button and an extra row of characters (can be any numbers, letters or emojis) on top of the keyboard. It mimics the look, feel, and functionality of the native iOS keyboard.

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MJAlertView screenshot


Simple automatic Dismissible Alert with minor 3D Transforms. Produces an effect similar to Saavn's dismissible Alerts. Possible with adding a simple category!

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CCMPlayNDropView screenshot


This is a swarm style dismissable view, you can move it around the screen flick it away, or drop it anywhere to dismiss it

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RDRStickyKeyboardView screenshot


Replication of iMessage's text input behavior on iOS 7 (UIScrollViewKeyboardDismissModeInteractive + persistent inputAccessoryView)

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MHDismissModalView screenshot


Dismiss a Modal View with a gesture. Automatic Background Blur

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MADismissiveTextView screenshot


A drop in UITextView subclass that handles dismissing the keyboard with your finger, just like in the

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