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CDSideMenu screenshot


CDSideMenu is an elegant and highly customizable side menu library for you app, made with love and SwiftUI (iOS 13+).

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ImageBlur screenshot


Blur out the image portion were user drag his/her finger

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TopDrawer screenshot


A top drawer that can be pulled up/down over the screen

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DragToDismiss-PanGesture screenshot


Simulate Wechat's disappeared gesture animation by dragging when the big picture viewing or video playback . Gestures are separated and can be used in any view

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Snakey-List screenshot


An Instagram like collection layout supporting drag and drop.

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BJDraggable screenshot


A simple protocol utilising the powerful UIKitDynamics API, which makes UIView's draggable within a boundary view that acts as collision body with just a single method call. Works for any UIView. Drag and Drop the `BJDraggable.swift` file from the `Source` folder in project and you are good to go.

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DragAndDrop-iOS11 screenshot


Demonstrates how to enable and implement drag and drop for a table view and image view.

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Stepperier screenshot


An interactive draggable stepper

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THSideBar screenshot


NSOutlineView, badge, drag and drop

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CFNotify screenshot


A customizable framework to create draggable views

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SDragView screenshot


Bottom Drawer view with animation

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DragMenuPicker screenshot


A custom button with ability to select an item from a menu with drag gesture.

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ASExtendedCircularMenu screenshot


This library provides you dynamic and static circular menu. It also provide draggable menu button with dynamic radius according position.

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SplitViewDragAndDrop screenshot


Easily add drag and drop to pass data between your apps in split view mode

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TableManager screenshot


TableManager is an extension of UITableView. Manipulate your table in an easier way. Add sections and rows. Configure headers and footers. Hide and show rows individually. And this library will handle all the protocols for you. The table the way it should be.

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RDGliderViewController screenshot


Control in Objective-C for a draggable ViewController gliding over another ViewController. RDGliderViewController is a view controller that manages a scrollable view using one side as a sliding point, choosing between Left-to-Right, Top-to-Bottom, Right-to-Left and Bottom-to-Top, and setting an array of offsets as percent values to determine the gliding view steps, as described bellow.

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PGVerticalOpenTransition-Swift screenshot


Under Dragging - ViewControler to ViewControler Vertical Open Transition.

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CollectionViewDragDrop screenshot


Smart Collection View where you can move between cells or create subfolder if needed It's my first control with possibility to reorder cells or create subfolder if needed. The control will change..

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MMTransition screenshot


Custom presentModalViewController with transition

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ATDraggableDynamicView screenshot


Draggable view for implementing notifications cards like in Swarm application. Uses UIKit Dynamics for simulating physics. Please see animation demo GIF in source repo.

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DragDropCollection screenshot


Custom UICollectionView allowing cells to be dragged, dropped and deleted.

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