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CollectionViewCustom screenshot


Custom CollectionViewLayout with a custom paging size by overriding scrollViewWillEndDragging

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BIZTinderCardStack screenshot


BIZTinderCardStack is a stack of cards simular to Tinder app's stack. That stack could be moved by gesture or by click. Every card could have overlay.

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SFDraggableDialogView screenshot


Display the beautiful dialog view with realistic physics behavior (thanks to UIkit Dynamics) with drag to dismiss feature.

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YSLDraggableCardContainer screenshot


dragging card. like tinder

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SnappingStepper screenshot


An elegant alternative to the UIStepper written in Swift enhanced with a thumb slider to control the value update with more flexibility.

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ReorderableGridView (Swift) screenshot

ReorderableGridView (Swift)

Reorderable grid view solution implemented with Swift. It's a UIScrollView subclass, not a collection view layout.

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BVCropPhoto screenshot


BVCropPhoto is image cropping library for iOS. pod 'BVCropPhoto'

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UIView+draggable screenshot


UIView category that adds dragging capabilities

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PerfectImageCropper screenshot


PerferctImageCropper for iOS offers a ready-to-use component to easily get the target part from the original image, without compression, after rotating, scaling and dragging the image on UI

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JDDroppableView screenshot


A DroppableView represents a single draggable View. You may use it as a base class for the views, that you need to be draggable in your project. Currently it is built, to be used within a scrollView. But this could easily be changed.

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TKDragView screenshot


An easy to use, flexible and universal solution for letting your users drag objects around the screen.

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