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LMJDropdownMenu screenshot


📜 A simple and easy to use drop-down menu control.

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SBDropDown screenshot


Simple DropDown framework for date and custom object as well. I'm very excited for this...😅😁

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LMDropdownViewSwift screenshot


LMDropdownViewSwift is a simple dropdown view inspired by Tappy.

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YBTextPicker screenshot


Yet another text picker / selector written in swift 4.2.

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BSDropper screenshot


Drop like a hell. see how it works by the link below. GIF:

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Menu screenshot


The iOS Menu, as detailed in this blog post:

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HASuggestionField screenshot


HASuggestionField is a iOS suggestion list written in Swift. It suggests list of items provided against any symbol. It allows user to select any of the suggested item from dropdown. Then it applies provided attributes on selected item. Items are also defined by structs. These structs will define each item's properties.

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DownPicker++ screenshot


Forked version of DownPicker repo. A lightweight DropDownList / ComboBox for iOS, written in Objective-C,

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ExpandableTable screenshot


AZExpandable is a lightweight proxy for UITableView to expand cells.

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BRDropDownView screenshot


Boring DropDown && Up animated Custom UIView supporting various style of subview.

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RSSelectionMenu screenshot


An elegant selection list or dropdown menu for iOS with single or multiple selections.

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HHDropDownList screenshot


A list of options with a sliding effect.

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JNDropDownMenu screenshot


Swift 3 easy to use Dropdown Menu

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DPDropDownMenu screenshot


Customizable dropdown menu for iOS.

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KPDropMenu screenshot


KPDropMenu is an Objective-C port of HADropDown With Additional features

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BSDropDown screenshot


It's to show dropdown menu list.

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SRPopView screenshot


SRPopview is a simple drag and drop custom popview

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HADropDown screenshot


HADropDown is a simple iOS drop down list written in Swift. It expands and collapses. It allows the user to select only one item at a time. Items are just Strings. A delegate is notified when selection occurs. HADropDown is IBDesignable and IBInspectable with customizable colors, font, and row heights.

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YNDropDownMenu screenshot


Adorable iOS drop down menu with Swift3

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SwiftMessages screenshot


SwiftMessages is an iOS library for displaying brief messages in the form of a status bar across the top or bottom of the screen. In addition to providing numerous layouts, themes and configuration options, SwiftMessages allows you to fully customize the view: * Copy one of the included nib files into your project and change it. * Subclass MessageView and add elements, etc. * Or just supply an arbitrary instance of UIView. Try exploring the demo app to get a feel for the extensive configurability of SwiftMessages.

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DropDownMenuKit screenshot


DropDownMenuKit is a simple and modular UIKit menu, that can be attached to the navigation bar or toolbar. The menu appears with a sliding animation and can be deeply customized. For example, with icons, embedded controls, title view acting as a disclosure indicator, or a checkmark to denote a selected row among multiple menu cells.

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