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Blurberry screenshot


Transparent realtime blur using UIVisualEffectView without subclassing. Supports iOS 14!

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ImageBlur screenshot


Blur out the image portion were user drag his/her finger

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DisPlayers-Audio-Visualizers screenshot


DisPlayer is a customizable audio visualization component that works with recording and playing back audio files

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PBJEffects screenshot


PBJEffects is a nice collection of cool effects.

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Shiny screenshot


Holographic Effect (inspired by Apple Pay)

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IHImageViewEffects screenshot


Demonstrates adding animation effect to an imageView animations are based on CAEmitter and are added as a sublayer of the imageView. The animations demonstrated are FireWorks, Balloon (like Apple m...

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VDSImageViewAnimations screenshot


A complete new experience with image viewing. Gesture powered animations for viewing fullscreen, image tracking, automatic image resizing.

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GoogleNewsStandAnimation screenshot


It is same like Google News Stand Animation with Customise Configuration file in Swift iOS Technology. This is the hot spot animation (with 4 swipe Gestures up,Down,Left,right) where user can se...

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APImageTransactionEffect screenshot


Image Transaction Effect Controller

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ParallaxView screenshot


iOS controls and extensions that add parallax effect to your application.

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ParallaxScroll IOS screenshot

ParallaxScroll IOS

ParallaxScroll for iOS contains ParallaxViewController which is a subclass of UIViewController that create a nice paralax scroll view with top header is an image and bottom is content view to add p...

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AURCherryBlossomView screenshot


AURCherryBlossomView is beautiful animation UIView with falling flower petals. It's like shower of cherry blossom.

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ISHHoverBar screenshot


A floating UIToolBar replacement as seen in the iOS10 Maps app, supporting both vertical and horizontal orientation.

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VisualEffectView screenshot


Dynamic blur background view with tint color

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React native textinput effects screenshot

React native textinput effects

Text inputs with custom animations for iOS and android. Built by react native and inspired by Codrops.

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DriftAnimationImageView screenshot


UIImageView subclass that performs slow translation and scale animations on its image

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RKParallaxEffect screenshot


RKParallax Effect is written in swift and provides API to create a parallax effect on UITableHeaderView with Full Screen option.

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SFDraggableDialogView screenshot


Display the beautiful dialog view with realistic physics behavior (thanks to UIkit Dynamics) with drag to dismiss feature.

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SAConfettiView screenshot


Confetti! Who doesn't like confetti?

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MMTextFieldEffects screenshot


Custom UITextFields effects inspired by Codrops, built using Objective-C

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AFBlurView screenshot


A UIView subclass that supports UIVisualEffect without the boiler plate code need to create the view hierarchy

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RZVibrantButton screenshot


RZVibrantButton is a stylish button with iOS 8 vibrancy effect built using Swift. It is a subclass of UIButton that has a simple yet elegant appearance and built-in support for UIVisualEffectView a...

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LIGRippleView screenshot


UIView subclass with elegant ripple effect, inspired by many dribbble demos.

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JT3DScrollView screenshot


JT3DScrollView is a UIScrollView with custom effects during the scroll.

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Circles screenshot


Add a subtle yet beautiful dynamic background to any view controller. Use it to bring life and color to plain and boring view controllers.

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