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Fancy elastic transition powered by Metal, UIKit Dynamics, & Hero

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ElasticTransition ObjC Version screenshot

ElasticTransition ObjC Version

A UIKit custom transition that simulates an elastic drag.This is the Objective-C Version of Elastic Transition written in Swift by lkzhao

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HNFlowingAnimation screenshot


This library is used to show liquid's effect while transmitting pageViewController. Compatible with iOS 7,8,9

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Elastic Transition screenshot

Elastic Transition

A UIKit custom modal transition that simulates an elastic drag. Written in Swift.

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DGElasticPullToRefresh screenshot


Elastic pull to refresh compontent developed in Swift

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GKFadeNavigationController screenshot


This is an example implementation of a UINavigationController with support of animated hiding and showing it's Navigation Bar. Features - Animates tint color - Takes care of the status bar color - Similar pattern to -preferredStatusbarStyle - Uses native controls where possible (e.g. back button) - Native looking translucent header - Demo project with elastic header image

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DVOBouncer screenshot


Add gravity bouncing to UIScrollView content.

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ScrollToRefresh screenshot


ScrollToRefresh is a subclass of NSScrollView that adds a "pull-to-refresh" view to the "elastic" area of NSScrollview.

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