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Emojivision screenshot


A 200 something line Swift Playground for rendering images as emojis

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Flags screenshot


πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ Flag extension make flag emoji, image

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Passcode Lock screenshot

Passcode Lock

An iOS passcode lock library for inputting passcode and one time passwords with customization properties.

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KeyboardKit screenshot


KeyboardKit is a Swift library for creating iOS keyboard extension apps.

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GLInputPanel screenshot


GLInputPanel is an common control, it usally use in use upload pic , comment article , upload video and so on.

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FNReactionsView screenshot


FNReactionsView is a customizable control (based on UIView) to give people a way to show floating emoji like facebook does during live stream, easy way.

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Reactions screenshot


Fully customizable Facebook reactions control

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EmojiTextView screenshot


Tap to swap out words with emojis. Inspired by on iOS 10.

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TTCountryFlagLabel screenshot


Simple UILabel subclass that displays a country emoji flag instead of the provided 2 letter ISO_3166-1_alpha-2 NSString

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EMEmojiableBtn screenshot


Option selector that works similar to Reactions by fb. Objective-c version

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JiMoniKeyboard screenshot


Its a custom emoji keyboard that directly allow to access emoji images from keyboard to app. After tapping of any of emoji you can paste it on apps like email, messanges by directly paste from menu controller The following code copy data into pasteBoard let pb = UIPasteboard.generalPasteboard() let data = UIImagePNGRepresentation( UIImage(named: self.imgArray.objectAtIndex(indexPath.row) as String)) pb.setData(data, forPasteboardType: kUTTypePNG as NSString) and now you can paste this emoji image any app that support paste image functionality like whatsapp, facebook messager. After running this you must need to add this emoji keyboard from simulator or device. You can add this keyboard from Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Add New Keyboard -> Jimoni - Emoji keyboard. Before you use in real device you must need to full access to paste image from this keyboard you can give this permission from app settings or simply changing permission to true for Request Open Access from info.plist <dict> <key>IsASCIICapable</key> <false/> <key>PrefersRightToLeft</key> <false/> <key>PrimaryLanguage</key> <string>en-US</string> <key>RequestsOpenAccess</key> <true/> </dict>

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JOEmojiableBtn screenshot


Emoji selector like Facebook Reactions

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SwiftCountryPicker  screenshot


CountryPicker in Swift that uses Emoji for flags.

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AGEmojiKeyboard screenshot


An emoji keyboard view that can replace the default iOS keyboard.

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ISEmojiView screenshot


Emoji Keyboard for iOS

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MMP_EmojiPicker screenshot


Emoji Picker for iOS applicaions

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PI_EmojiPicker screenshot


Simple NSView or NSViewController based picker for Emoji. I took the wonderful work of AGEmojiKeyboard ( as a base to create an OS X version. Its extremely simple and worth a couple hours of work. Its useful if you want to allow a user to enter Emoji without having to use the "special keyboard" in the edit menu. An example would be like Messages/iChat which has a smiley face picker next to the text entry.

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Emoji Keyboard screenshot

Emoji Keyboard

An alternate keyboard for iOS with all the emojis provided by Apple.

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SYEmojiPopover screenshot


Popover view to select emoji character from iOS 5+ possible characters. iOS 5+, ARC. It consists in two classes. SYEmojiCharacters generates a list of Emoji characters separated in sections, depending on the iOS version the phone is running. SYEmojiPopover, is the popover view. For further information please see the repo readme on GitHub.

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PBEmojiLabel screenshot


This is a UILabel category which allows you to insert Emojis you use in Campfire, GitHub, Basecamp,, Teambox, Trac and Flowdock without the need to calculate where to insert some UIImages representing the Emojis.

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Emoji screenshot


Classes for quick access to Emoji symbols. There are four classes, each of the classes contains characters grouped by topic. Classes contain static methods that return a string with the Emoji symbol.

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