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When we are working on apps which have lot of sensitive information (like Banking etc). We should be a lot of careful about strings. There is nice write up why ( To prevent leaking of potentially sensitive data, it is not a good idea that certain strings be stored in the app's memory in plain text longer than they need to be. I want to create an obfuscation wrapper for strings. The purpose of such wrapper is to prevent sensitive data from being present in memory in unobfuscated form all the time. It will be passed to classes and functions where a string would normally be passed and when a wrapper is destroyed, the underlying obfuscated data must be completely purged from memory. it is also possible to use different obfuscation algorithms Target MGObfuscate needs to be selected and build before running playground or Test target. Project will only compile with Xcode 10 as it is using CommonCrpto which is not shipped in former versions. I have not compiled CommonCrpto (I might do it later). Follow this link for compiling for previous versions ( Working: When user enters a pin/passcode, as an initialiser we will provide a salt and algorithm type. It quickly takes password and generate DrivedKey (Salted stretched Hash from PBKDF2). We can always save this in keychain if we don't want user to enter pin again (generally not in case of banking app). Encrypt Function: public func encriptAndPurge(inputString: inout String) -> Data It takes inout parameter and quickly provide a encrypted data from derivedkey. Original string is erased after encryption. Decrypt Function: public func decript(data: Data, result: (String) -> Void) It provides a callback with decrypted string. the scope of string is limited to Clouser. For further use user has to save it to some variable.

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SETOCryptomatorCryptor screenshot


iOS crypto framework to access Cryptomator vaults.

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EnigmaKit screenshot


Enigma encryption in Swift

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<b>Features</b><br><br> Live chat between multiple devices<br> Group chat functionality<br> Private chat functionality<br> Single or Multiple recipients<br><br> Full realtime actions - latency less than 100 ms<br> No backend programming needed<br> Native and easy to customize user interface<br><br> Push Notification support<br> Deep linking for Push Notification (<i>coming soon</i>)<br><br> Login with Email<br> Login with Facebook<br> Login with Twitter<br><br> Sending text messages<br> Sending pictures<br> Sending videos<br> Sending audio messages<br> Sending location<br> Sending stickers<br> Sending large emojis<br><br> MD5 checksum for media messages<br> Media message reload option if download is failed<br> Media files cached locally<br> AES-256 encryption<br> Dynamic password generation<br><br> Load earlier messages<br> Typing indicator<br> Message delivery receipt<br> Message read receipt<br> Save picture messages to device<br> Save video messages to device<br> Save audio messages to device<br> Delete read and unread messages<br><br> Block user functionality<br> Report user functionality<br><br> Address Book friend list<br> Invite functionality - SMS, email<br> Facebook friend list (list only registered users)<br> Realtime recent view for ongoing chats<br> Map view for shared locations<br> Picture view for pictures<br> Basic Settings view included<br> Profile view for users<br> Group settings view for groups<br> Blocked view for blocked users<br> Privacy Policy view<br> Terms of Service view<br><br> Facebook profile picture grabbed automatically<br> Picture, video and audio upload progress indicator<br><br> Video length limit possibility<br> Copy and paste text messages<br> Send button is enabled/disabled automatically<br> Arbitrary message sizes<br> Data detectors - phone numbers, links, dates<br> Timestamps possibilities<br> Hide keyboard with swipe down<br> Smooth animations<br> Send/Receive sound effects<br><br> Deployment target: iOS 8+<br> Supported devices: iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S/6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus

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ApolloDB screenshot


A secure and easy to implement database for your apps.

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Secure Your App

Add an extra layer of security against prying eyes. **IT IS NOT A FAIL-SAFE MEASURE** Security Sensitive strings can be: * REST API Credentials * OAuth Credentials * Passwords * URLs not intended to be known to the public (i.e. private backend API endpoints) * Keys & Secrets This library hard-codes typical NSStrings as C language strings encoded in hexadecimal. When your app needs the original unobfuscated NSStrings, it dynamically decodes it back. This makes it harder for people with jail-broken iPhones from opening up your app's executable file and looking for strings embedded in the binary that may appear 'interesting'. See generally: * *

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ObjectivePGP - OpenPGP implementation screenshot

ObjectivePGP - OpenPGP implementation

ObjectivePGP is an OpenPGP implementation for iOS and OSX.

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OpenSSL is the most powerful SSL and TLS library available which wraps a full cryptographic library. The library is written in pure C and due to its endless size and not-so-well-designed C interface it is very hard for beginners to step into it. The aim of the MIHCrypto library is to provide an object-oriented interface which allows developers to write simple and clean code by still using the power of the OpenSSL libCrypto library.

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ChatSecure screenshot


ChatSecure is a simple multiprotocol IM client for iOS that supports encrypted "Off-the-Record" messaging using Cypherpunks' libotr

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