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CWRateKit screenshot


Swift library for creating "Rate Us" popup

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SPAlert screenshot


Native popup alert similar to Apple Music or Feedback in AppStore app. Support animations.

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Haptico screenshot


Haptico 📳 - easy to use haptic feedback generator with pattern-play support

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JonAlert screenshot


A simple and elegant feedback alert like Spotify's, written in Swift

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CTFeedbackSwift screenshot


Feedback composer for iOS written in Swift of CTFeedback

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Peep screenshot


Easy Sound Generator 🐥

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Feedback-System screenshot


A simple way to implement a Feedback System from the bottom of a ViewController informing the user of any changes within the app or some action they need to do. It's built onto the KeyWindow and he...

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Ajimi screenshot


Ajimi means tasting. In Japanese, 味見. Ajimi is the feedback tool, which anyone can easily feedback to project team any time.

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Haptica screenshot


Easy Haptic Feedback Generator 📳

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TapticEngine screenshot


TapticEngine generates haptic feedback vibrations on iOS device.

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GitYourFeedback screenshot


Let users submit feedback, with screenshots, directly from your iOS app to GitHub Issues.

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APFeedBack screenshot


Feedback to send iOS enabled developer NSLog file create .txt

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FeedbackMe screenshot


FeedbackMe is a Pod to simply the request for feedback/reviews to your users. It is similar to the Appirater, but the main difference is that we will not ask for feedback when the user is opening y...

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Tattle-UI screenshot


As a developer, we struggle to understand and reproduce few UI bugs reported by the beta-tester. In tester's point of view, tester writes paragraphs to explain a simple UI misalignment when they te...

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DXStarRatingView screenshot


Simple and easy to use StarRatingView for iOS

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BugshotKit screenshot


iOS in-app bug reporting for developers and testers, with annotated screenshots and the console log.

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DrawReport screenshot


Report UI issues by shaking your device to draw and annotate them. Sometimes your meticulous user finds a bug in your iOS app's awesome and magnificent UI but does not know how to report it. Now...

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CTFeedback screenshot


Get feedback from your iOS users.

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TestFlightFeedback screenshot


Dropdown replacement for the feedback view controller functionality which was removed from the TestFlight SDK. TestFlightFeedback version 1.0.0 is for iOS 6, version 2.0.0 is for iOS 7.

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DFeedback screenshot


DFeedback (DaisyDisk Feedback) is a two-in-one component for providing user feedback: * It allows the user to send feedback and request support from within your app. Along with the message, the ...

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AAMFeedback screenshot


Library that you can add Feedback form in your app on the fly. AAMFeedback provides an issue selector and automatically embeds device type, OS, and app info.

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Redmine Feedback screenshot

Redmine Feedback

Redmine Feedback is a simple MessageUI view which make the user of your iPhone App to send feedbacks directly to the tracker of your Redmine using Redmine REST-XML API.

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