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HideAndSeek Desktop screenshot

HideAndSeek Desktop

Hide/Show your Desktop Icons on your Mac Easily with one click or one shortcut (Cmd+Opt+H). It will avoid you to write the command line to hide or show every time and can be automated with shortcut.

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iOS app Signer(multi-file synchronization signature, auto register device and download profile and certificate) screenshot

iOS app Signer(multi-file synchronization signature, auto register device and download profile and certificate)

an macOS app that use for iOS app resign, you can resign muti-file synchronization, and it support to export the file in app bundle, you can also replace the icon for ipa or app without jailbreak . now you can register new devices and creat the certificate and profile with this tool, in project , it used iOS-appStore-connect-api.

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BadgeHub screenshot


A way to quickly add a notification badge icon to any view. Make any UIView a full fledged animated notification center.

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DisPlayers-Audio-Visualizers screenshot


DisPlayer is a customizable audio visualization component that works with recording and playing back audio files

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TinderUserProfile screenshot


Tinder/Bumble like user image with user details scroll animation

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RZPicker screenshot


Time Date picker for registration form easy to use.

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LetterAvatarKit screenshot


An extension that generates letter-based avatars

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FileManage-Swift screenshot


Made entirely by code without using storyboard which makes it easier for anyone to use, implement and support all screen sizes useful for testing and released apps incase your app involves downloading contents/assets/files from url and you wanna see them or make the user able to delete any of the app contents if your app involves large assets like videos,3D objects you can enter folders/files and delete them you can see the real jpg, jepg, png images instead of image icons supports 3gp, files, jpg, json, mp4, pdf, png, txt, xml, zip images icon to be easier for you to navigate through the files

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SandboxBrowser screenshot


A simple iOS sandbox file browser, you can share files through AirDrop

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AJParticlesLoadingView screenshot


A completely customizable loading particles animation on a view using SpriteKit

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Avatar screenshot


Generate random user Avatars for apps.

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DebugWindow辅助测试工具 screenshot


A debug tool which can help you look logs and key-values in sandbox while testing on device. 一个在真机上测试时方便查看输出日志的小工具,还可以增删改查当前沙盒中保存的键值对。

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TJProfileImage screenshot


Live rendering of componet’s properties in Interface Builder Features Dashed border Solid border Round corner Circle image

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Apsara screenshot


Use can add corner radius, make circle image profile, add border for UIView, TextField, UIImageView and UIButton on storyboard or by code.

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SwiftUserManager screenshot


A usermanager written in swift 3.0 saves you from hassle of saving your active user session. ** Call api and give the json to MOProfile to make a model and call UserManager.setCurrentUser(model) let profileFromServer = [ "firstName" : "Zeeshan", "userName" : "xeieshan", "lastName" : "Haider", "id" : 1, "email" : "[email protected]" ] as [String : Any] let profileModel : MOProfile = MOProfile(profileFromServer as Dictionary<String, AnyObject>) UserManager.setCurrentUser(newCurrentUser: profileModel) **Now you can use this** debugPrint((UserManager.currentUser?.firstName)! as String) **To logout simply call** UserManager.logOutUserAndClearToken() **If you want to see if your user is logged (for autologin)** if UserManager.currentUser != nil { // Take to App } else { // Take to Login }

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SRDownloadManager screenshot


Files download manager based on NSURLSessionDataTask.

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BubblePictures screenshot


Framework for iOS to show Bubble like pictures.

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FileExplorer screenshot


FileExplorer is a powerful iOS file browser with the possiblity to choose and remove files and/or directories

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Overlook screenshot


A commandline app that will watch your folder and monitor any changes. When a change occurs, Overlook will execute (or restart) a command you specify. Overlook is platform independent and will work with anything from writing a README file, to developing a service.

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PSProfileStepper screenshot


PSProfileStepper is custom implementation of stepper such as UISlider for show their step by its value 0,1,2.. and by change the color.

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AvatarImageView screenshot


AvatarImageView is a customisable subclass of UIImageView that is designed to show users' profile pictures. It falls back to the user's initials with a random background color if no profile picture is supplied.

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