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NAMDatabase screenshot


Use SQLite now is easy!

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FMDBDataTable screenshot


Based on the FMDB, as long as a few steps can be completed on the single table of the CRUD operation.

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ZXKVStore screenshot


ZXKVStore means ZhangXi key-value Store,It's small and easy to use for store data.

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SQLFetchedResultsController screenshot


An attempt at making it easier to setup tables with SQLite. There arent many examples of how to properly page through results in a database. I want to fix this. For those that enjoy the flexibility...

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FMDBHelper screenshot


Easier to use FMDB, support the ORM and JSON into Model.

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SQPersist screenshot


Objective-C Persistence framework wrapper around SQLite : saves your data into SQLite database, without writes SQL requests.

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