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Palette screenshot


Color palette generation from image written in Swift

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SMButtonDropAnimation screenshot


Tap On button then next button will come with bounce animation.

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ADCurrencyPicker screenshot


ADCurrencyPicker is a reusable Currency picker.It allows you to select a country and get its country name,currency code, currency symbols. The control includes plist with 106 countries (all with currency conversion supported by yahoo currency conversion api).

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AVAssetResourceLoader - play music from cloud, audio streaming and caching in iOS screenshot

AVAssetResourceLoader - play music from cloud, audio streaming and caching in iOS

A sample project that demonstrates audio streaming and music caching from cloud storage using AVAssetResourceLoader, AVAssetResourceLoaderDelegate, AVURLAsset, AVPlayerItem, AVPlayer. For more information read this tutorial:

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VisibleFormViewController screenshot


An extended UIviewController allowing to not hide the content behind the keyboard opened.

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THMoreFromDeveloper screenshot


Control to show other APPs from a Developer

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MDBrowser screenshot


MDBrowser is a very convenient iOS browser that you can present and dismiss with a neat pop up animation,also supports slide from bottom animation ,has a back and forward button so the user can navigate the history, you can open it for the user for example to like your Facebook page, follow on google+ or twitter, or to simply view web pages on the fly without interrupting your app flow. should compiled with ARC ,also supports iPhone and iPad.

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