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Zaina - The Legend screenshot

Zaina - The Legend

A UIKit Game.

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glide engine screenshot

glide engine

Game engine for making 2d games on iOS, macOS and tvOS, with practical examples

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Cheats screenshot


🎮Console video game-style cheat codes for iOS apps.

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RouletteWheel screenshot


A roulette wheel library come up with the following features :- 1) Its have a attractive design like a casino roulette wheel. 2) User have choose one number from the roulette wheel. 3) This is a playing libraries where user guess one number and enter that number into a particular provided field and start rotate the wheel after that ball stops moving correspond to one number. and if the guess number is correct then the user wins or lose. 4) I will provide you more features and enhancements in the next release

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SKJoystick screenshot


SKJoystick: a retro-arcade joystick for SpriteKit

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HitAndScore screenshot


Sprite Kit is an exciting new framework for making 2D games that comes built-in to iOS. This project serves as an introduction to Sprite Kit where we build a small clone of Super Mario. Looking at the screenshots would give a better idea of what this project is about. All written in Swift4.

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StateMachine screenshot


State machine creation framework written in Swift inspired by GKStateMachine from Apple GameplayKit

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JDGamesLoading screenshot


(IOS)Let User Play Game When Loading

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JDBreaksLoading screenshot


JDBreaksLoading Based on simple UIView and SpriteKit. You can easily start up a little breaking game by one line. By the way, don't make user wait too long to play the game~

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DangerousDaveUnity3D screenshot


Legendary Dangerous Dave game ported to all platforms using Unity 3D

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Match-Cards-The-Game screenshot


Match-Cards-The-Game is a simple card matching game.

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SAConfettiView screenshot


Confetti! Who doesn't like confetti?

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1w-flappy screenshot


Flappy Clone

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SKTiledMap screenshot


A TMX TileMap framework for SpriteKit. Supporting iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 and above.

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UINavigationControllerGameFade screenshot


Fade transitions for UINavigationController such as push, pop, reset root view controller and replace one or multiple view controllers

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SceneKit Advanced Starter Project screenshot

SceneKit Advanced Starter Project

A sample project to provide a strong starting point for 3D game development with SceneKit. Can be applied to OS X development as well as iOS.

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Game-Timer screenshot


GameTimer is a light-weight timer that you can use for iOS games. It can be enhanced easily for more complex projects. One use is to update a progressbar whilst the main timer is running. GameTimer incorporates 2 timers that work in unison - referred to as longTimer and shortTimer. The shortTimer acts as a 'finer' resolution timer that can be used to update a progressbar or continually poll a network connection (for example). It's interval is usually set to a fraction of the longTimer. GameTimer automatically pauses when the app enters the BACKGROUND and 'unpauses' when the app is ACTIVE again.

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FDChessboardView screenshot


### Features * High resolution graphics * Customizable themes and game graphics * Supports all single board chess variants: suicide, losers, atomic, etc. * Supports games with odd piece arrangement and non-standard castling (Fisher 960) * Very clean API, this is just a view * Supports a minimum deployment target of iOS 8 or OS X Mavericks (10.9) Usage ===== Import, add the view to your storyboard and then set it up with: ```swift import FDChessboardView ... self.chessboard.dataSource = self ``` Then implement the data source: ```swift func chessboardView(board: FDChessboardView, pieceForSquare square: FDChessboardSquare) -> FDChessboardPiece? { return piecesByIndex[square.index] // you figure out which piece to show } ``` Upcoming Features ================= These following items are in the API for discussion and awaiting implementation: * Display for last move * Mutable game state (i.e. can move the pieces) * Animation for piece moves * Highlighting of legal squares for a piece after begin dragging * Premove

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Conway's Game of Life screenshot

Conway's Game of Life

Conway's Game of Life written in Swift

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Pathfinder screenshot


A pathfinding library written in Swift

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Koala Hates Rain screenshot

Koala Hates Rain

"Koala Hates Rain" is a simple game where your goal is to dodge raindrop, stay dry fur as long as possible and gain high points. You can see the code here : Also I provided SpriteKit Simple Button : If you want to play, the link is here :

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