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YUDisplacementTransition screenshot


A GPU accelerated transition library which makes use of displacement maps to create distortion effects.

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AKGPushAnimator screenshot


Easily Push and Pop Viewcontroller like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Apps with Interaction

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YGPulseView screenshot


YGPulseView is Objective-C Category for making pulsing animation with UIView

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AGPullView screenshot


A view, that can be used for showing your content above some other view by pulling it with touch. (ex. UITableView with your content above UIMapView)

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GPUberView screenshot


Summon Uber from your app with 2 lines of code.

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Smerk screenshot


Smerk is designed to make implementing either Face Detection or QR Code/Bar Code/Machine Readable Code detection incredibly simple.

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YUGLTransition screenshot


OpenGL based transition for iOS. The YUGLTransition is a library that lets you create GPU-based transition to UIView and UIViewController. It uses GPUImage for the rendering part. There're...

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NBUKit screenshot


Customizable camera, assets, image editing, gallery, picker and UIKit subclasses

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ZGPullDragTableView screenshot


Awesome TableView Category for Drag and Pull.

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GPUImage screenshot


It's a framework that filters still images and video using openGL 2.0 filters. Similar to the XBImageFilters. There are already a ton of filters written for GPUImage including edge detection, lot...

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